December 19th 2013

KIndle Challenge – Help To Get Going With Your Own Kindle Book Series

Are you still struggling with writing and publishing Kindle books?

Kristen Eckstein has been writing and publishing a brand new Kindle book every week since August 2013! And she’s been persuaded to share how she’s been able to do it.


Would you like to learn form someone who is actually doing it and find out how she got these results with her Kindle series:

  • Her passive Kindle income skyrocketed 878% within the first 12 weeks!
  • Several of her titles hit the Amazon Best Sellers lists – without even trying
  • Experts and international magazines started calling her out of the blue for interviews
  • Backend sales continue to pour in and her “showcase” print book is over 75% complete in just three short months!

I’ve been watching Kristen and I’m  beginning to realise that it’s all a lot more doable than I thought…especially if you already have some content that you can re-purpose to form the foundation for  kindle books.

Kristen has agreed to show us how she did it and how we can do it too.  She’s put together the best Kindle boot camp I’ve seen: the Kindle In 30 Challenge!

Her goal is not to get you to write and publish one Kindle book in 30 days, but to be well on the way to dominating your niche with an entire series of Kindle books!

The challenge starts January 2, 2014, with the goal of the first of your book series being released by January 31, and she’s offering a great deal to people who register early.

For a limited time, you can use the coupon code “special100” to take $100 off the challenge! Go here now => KindleIn30 Challenge

I’ve already secured my place, will you join me?

P.S. Kristen is giving participants exclusive access to a Quick Start package so you can get a head start on your Kindle challenge before January and hit the ground running!

Be sure to check it out now (remember the coupon code “special100”) => KindleIn30 Challenge

If you would like to get a really good idea of what to expect and understand why you need to be there for this challenge I highly recommend you join me on a really helpful online seminar with publishing whiz Kristen Eckstein and Bob The Teacher Jenkins.

It takes place Friday 20th December and it’s FREE.

They’ll be talking about why you need to publish on Kindle, what obstacles you need to look out for, how to get past them, and how to make sure you do things the right way…PLUS a handful of simple ways to promote your book (some even before you’ve published it!)

I’ve been learning from Bob and Kristen for a while now, and I make sure I listen in to EVERYTHING they do because I always learn really helpful things that equip me to grow my business.

Do you need more reasons why you’ll love learning Kindle tips and tricks from Kristen?

She’s been in the publishing industry for over 10 years, helped to start 50 publishing companies and published over 200 books
and e-books, her own and her clients.

Her passive income skyrocketed 878% when she started writing and publishing a new Kindle book every week in the Autumn.

Several of her titles hit Amazon’s Top 10 Best Sellers lists before she marketed them!

She knows what she’s doing, and Bob is really good at asking just the right questions to get the information we need. You will learn a lot of actionable strategies. This is where to go to register

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December 19th 2013

How To Increase Sales By Getting Past Natural Defense Mechanisms

How do you persuade people to buy from you  or invest in your services?

A whole world of marketing exists trying to get us to do that every minute of the day. We are so used to it that we barely notice it anymore because we have subconsciously set up a system of “radar defenses” against the constant bombardment of marketing messages.

Take a minute and to think about the advertising methods that fight for your attention (and money) EVERY day!

  • Yellow page ads
  • Newspaper and magazine ads
  • Postcards, catalogs, and direct mail circulars in your mail box
  • Radio pitches interrupting the flow of your favorite songs
  • TV ads
  • Hundreds of storefronts
  • Highway billboards by the thousands
  • Circulars hung on your doorknob
  • Illegal signs on stop signs and telephone poles
  • Legitimate email messages
  • Spam email – without permission commercial email

Just these 11 sources overwhelm your brain with marketing messages. Like trapped rats, people develop defenses against this never- ending onslaught. They put up a wall or a “radar defense” that goes into action the minute they smell a sales pitch.

So how can you get around this psychological wall erected to deflect the constant sales and marketing messages?

The answer does NOT lie in bombarding  people with more frequent and obnoxious advertising or sneaky tactics. You might get
them to trust you for a minute, but it WILL backfire in the long run.

Two things to do instead:

  1.  First, you need to establish credibility as a trusted expert for yourself and your business .
  2.  Second, you must reduce their fears about doing business with you. Establish trust.

Doing these  two simple things will get you past their defenses and allow you the opportunity to convince them to invest in your product or services.

So how do you accomplish these two “simple” things? What will get attention, raise your credibility, and lower the fear factor all at the same time? The one-word answer applies to almost everyone.


If a business can get behind your defenses with information that helps you to  trust them, then that credibility will often translate into a sale.

How can you get this credibility?

This next fact as online marketing “gospel,” many people have proven its effectiveness.

Fact: Publishing and promoting with free articles gives you one of the most powerful opportunities available to build credibility and  tip things in your favor.

How can we prove this works? Quite easily actually. Take a break from reading this and check out a newspaper or magazine.

Which do you trust more, the ads or the articles? Most people will choose the articles hands down. Why? Because the articles don’t try  to “sell” you anything. Instead, they give you useful information for educational and other practical purposes.

Most of us grew up in a culture which says we can believe and “trust” what appears in the standard “news” or ”information” format. In other words, if it appears in print, then we can probably believe and trust the author.

You can turn this lifetime of conditioning to your advantage when you’re trying to sell your products and services!

Few things will create an atmosphere of trust and confidence in people as reading one of your articles on a subject that greatly interests them, especially if your article points to a solution. The article demonstrates that you know your business. It also shows that you’re not like everyone else, your’e not just trying to sell them something.

Publishing articles literally lets you fly under their advertising “radar defenses.”

Keep these things in mind when when deciding whether or not to use articles to promote your business:

Few things create as much trust and confidence in the minds of potential customers as reading an article you wrote on a subject which specifically interests them and points to a solution.

  1.  Articles establish credibility quickly because, right or wrong, we’ve all been trained to trust the “news.”
  2.  An article, or series of articles, will differentiate you from the competition, who bombard people with sales messages.
  3.  Providing content-rich, non-sales-oriented articles will also help build and solidify your relationship with existing customers so they give you repeat business.

Jim Edwards is a syndicated newspaper columnist and the co-author of a new ebook that teaches you how to use free articles to quickly drive thousands of targeted visitors to your website or affiliate links!

If you want MORE TRAFFIC to your website or affiliate links, ”Turn Words Into Traffic” reveals strategies for using FREE articles to drive Thousands of NEW visitors to your website or affiliate links… without spending money on advertising!  You will find it here:

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April 11th 2012

How To Outsource Kindle Books The Right Way

If you would like to have more Kindle books for sale quicker than you can write them all yourself then this guide to successful outsourcing is just what you need.

It takes all the guesswork out of figuring out how to get more Kindle books out there quickly.

If you don’t want to do all the writing yourself this guide shows you how to hire a good writer without over-paying.

It tells you exactly how to create passive income with Kindle without doing all the writing yourself.

You can get FULL books written in 2 weeks for less than HALF the price you think…

I bought this guide and for only $7, you get a lot of excellent how to information.

Not only do you get amazing training (videos, audios and PDF’s), but you have the option to get additional training tools (videos, training course etc.) that you can give to your outsourcers so you can easily train them to produce exactly what you want.

I will be making use of these tools in any outsourcing I do. The price increases soon so I recommend you check it out while it’s still at the low introductory price of only $7

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April 11th 2012

Publishing Help For Beginner Authors

An innovative publishing company has just opened its doors and they’re looking to discover and spotlight the newest stars in new media publishing. They publish books, audio programs, video programs and more.

And the best news is — they love working with newcomers!

They’ll work directly with you and train you to produce top-quality information products they will accept and publish FOR you, paying YOU 70% of the revenue!

This is ground-breaking stuff, and you can get involved now if you act quickly. Membership is strictly limited so check it out while the door is still open.

I’m getting involved because I think this is a great opportunity to get published. They actually work with you to help you shape your content until it is  good enough to publish and promote.

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April 10th 2012

Publishing On Kindle And Nook And Other Mobile Platforms

Everybody’s talking about the profits that can be made publishing on Kindle these days.

There are profits being earned right now, by people like you, publishing on e-readers and mobile platforms. But the truth is that many of the “systems” and “trainings” you see all over the Web are unlikely to work for long.

I’ve found a group of people who really “get it.” They’re dedicated to helping you build and publish information products for new media pubication — including books, audio programs, video programs and even mobile apps — in a supportive mastermind setting that provides you with all the resources, contacts and training you need to make money publishing on new media today.

They’ve even launched a specialized publishing company devoted to publishing the works created through this mastermind.

And — in case you’re wondering — the cost to join this exclusive mastermind is unbelievably low if you jump in straight away.

Membership is limited and they will close the doors soon, then there will be a waiting list instead of an open door. I joined and I highly recommend you check this publishing opportunity out right now.

You’ll find all the details here

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December 12th 2011

Profitable Content Creation – How You Can Easily Create Your Own Content

Content creation and content marketing are an effective way of getting new leads and increasing your profits.

A recent issue of Entrepreneur Magazine had this to say about content creation and content marketing:

When it comes to marketing strategies, content marketing has just been crowned king, far surpassing search engine marketing, public relations and even print, television and radio advertising as the preferred marketing tool for today’s business-to-business entrepreneur.

Think about that: content marketing is bigger than print, radio or television. Bigger than SEO marketing or PR. That’s why you need to be creating content.

Here are 3 reasons why you need to be able to create your own content

Reason 1 – Prospects are attracted to your voice – by “your voice” I mean the unique way you approach problems. Prospect search on the internet  for solutions to their problems. When they hear your voice – how you approach and solve problems – they will be drawn to you.

Reason 2 – No one else can deliver it like you – Here’s the good news and the reality (nice when those two go together): There are more people out there, eager to hear your message, who can only hear it in your voice, than you can ever get to in your lifetime.

No one else your unique perspective, life experience, knowledge and wisdom. No one else. And there are people out there who need to hear your unique message, who can only hear it from you.

Create your content and get it out to the people who need it.

Reason 3- You need to learn how to write your own content when you are starting out.  When you start your business you are more likely to have more time than money. Use that time to learn how to quickly and easily create your own content whenever you want or need it.

Later on, when you have more money than time, you may want to outsource some of your content creation. If you have been writing your own content you will know what to look for when you are looking for someone who can “write in your voice”.

If you want to know how to easily create prospect and profit pulling content then join us on Tuesday Dec 13th for our no-cost online Content Creation Workshop…

Register here =>

Jeff Herring is going to walk you through creating  content LIVE so you can see exactly what to do and how to do it.

There’s no cost to attend – it’s our gift to you!

Be sure to share this post with your friends so they can benefit too.


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December 1st 2011

Content Creation – Discover the Top 7 Benefits of Consistent Content Creation

Content creation is much easier than you think, especially when you use articles as your foundation.

The 7 top benfits of using  article marketing as the basis of your content creation

1) The more you write articles, the easier it gets
- Some folks will tell you that creating content (writing articles) is time consuming and hard. And it can be when you do it the wrong way. When you use templates and create content regularly, it becomes so easy that you can crank out a prospect and profit pulling articles in less than 30 minutes. Really!

2) You can easily become a recognized expert - Get your first article published on EzineArticles and you are called an Expert Author. Keep it up and publish fresh new content weekly, and you begin to be seen as a recognized expert in your niche.

3) Easy Online Visibility
– Not only do you get more visibility by appearing in the top article directories and on other people’s blogs, you can use parts of your article content on all the top Social Marketing platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and even YouTube.

4) Consistent Traffic Generation – Article Marketing is one of the best free sources of consistent, passive traffic. Each article you create and publish becomes it’s own stream of evergreen traffic.

As you add each new article on top of the previous ones, your traffic begins to compound, compound and compound some more. Pretty soon you have so much traffic coming in you could not stop it if you wanted to, and believe me, you won’t want to.

5) Highly Qualified List Building – When you build your list with Article Marketing, you can make big profits even if you have a small list. How does that work? Well, in these Social Marketing times, when someone takes 3 – 5 minutes to read your article, they have raised their hand as a highly qualified person for your list. And when you take good care of your list, they will respond.

6) Rapid Product Creation – So many people get stuck when it comes to product creation. I don’t want that to happen to you. The great news is that when you are creating content for your articles, you are also creating content for your information products.

Free Online Content Creation Workshop

7) The New Expert Author - Having your article content spread all over the internet qualifies you as the New Author, with all the rights, privileges, expert status and respect of a traditional author, without the hassles of becoming a traditional author.

If you want to know how to easily create prospect and profit pulling content then join us on Tuesday Dec 13th for our no-cost online Content Creation Workshop…

Jeff Herring is going to create content LIVE so you can see exactly what to do and how to do it.

Join us and discover how my mentor and colleague Jeff Herring creates prospect and profit pulling content in just minutes…

There’s no cost to attend – it’s our gift to you!

Register here =>

Be sure to share this post with your friends so they can benfit too.


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November 29th 2011

Profitable Content Creation

A few years ago I took some of the articles I’d written and turned them into an ebook. I sold  hundreds of books. I went on to create a coaching program based around the Ebook and made even more money from the same content.

I’m now preparing to put an updated version of the book on Kindle and offer a print version too. That will lead to even more income from the same content!

I learned how to create profitable content from Jeff Herring, he was my first online mentor in 2007.

Jeff recently suggested we do a webinar together where he walked us through creating high quality content. This won’t be your average webinar, we will actually be creating content live on the webinar. Don’t miss it…

The people who are still doing well online after Google’s recent slap down are the people who create high quality content. Join us and we’ll walk you through how to easily create quality content…NO CHARGE…it’s FREE, our gift to you.


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November 27th 2011

Content Creation – How To Easily Create Masses Of Profitable Content

Good Content Is A Means Of Making Money, read on to discover how to create profitable content and get your fair share of the rewards

Content is the foundation of EVERYTHING on the internet.. Creating content then marketing it well is how you make money online.

Free Online Content Creation Workshop

Create Your Content - The key to successful content creation is to be prolific. Most people spend much of their time staring at a blank screen thinking about what to write. I don’t want you to do what most people do because most people aren’t making money from their  online content.

Instead of staring at a blank screen I suggest you use article writing templates. Create a 7 tips article or a 3 mistakes article. Then all you have to do is fill in the blanks with your information.

Another great way to become prolific is to write regularly. Make writing a habit, and you’ll find yourself writing more articles more easily.

Market Your content - So many people create their content and then do nothing with it. Please don’t do that, it’s such a waste.

There are so many ways to market your content. Start by putting it on your blog. Then post your article on EzineArticles and other top Article Directories. Next use your content on  Social Media. Use your article or excerpts  of your content on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn. You can also turn your content into teleseminars and webinars and coaching programs!

Most people do not realize that while you are creating your content you are also creating content that can easily be turned into your information products. Convert your content into products and services and sell it.

For example, a simple 7 tips article can easily be expanded to become a great eBook. A collection of several articles on a specific topic can be gathered into one document and become an ebook or mini-guide.

And that’s really just getting started with creating content that makes you money. There is so much more you can do. One of the best ways to offer an info product is in multimedia, you can easily create print, audio and video training from your content.

If you want to know how to easily create prospect and profit pulling content then join us on Tuesday Dec 13th for our no-cost online Content Creation Workshop…

Jeff Herring is going to create content LIVE so you can see exactly what to do and how to do it.

Join us and discover how my mentor and colleague Jeff Herring creates prospect and profit pulling content in just minutes…

There’s no cost to attend – it’s our gift to you!

Register here =>

Be sure to share this post with your friends so they can benfit too.


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October 3rd 2011

How To Become A Best Selling Author

Have you considered repurposing your articles and collecting them together to create a book?

It’s much easier to write and publish a book than you think, and being an author will give you massive credibility.

If you’ve written a book or are thinking about writing a book I highly recommend you listen in to these virtual workshops so that you can avoid the mistakes that many authors make when publishing their books online.  You can join in from the comfort of home… I’m planning to be there.

Discover what to do and what not to do, avoid making costly mistakes and discover the strategies you need to help you sell more books.

Kathleen Gage shares how to Become an Online Bestselling Author in Today’s Crowded Author’s Market

Denise Wakeman shares the secret to Author Blog Success and how to dominate your Niche with a Book Blog!

Connie Ragen Green shares a key strategy for repurposing your existing content to become a Bestselling Author!

Felicia Slattery reveals how to leverage the top 5 places authors are invited to speak about their books!

Brian Jud shares strategies selling more books to non-bookstore buyers!

Lynne Klippel ways to easily create products beyond your book.

Jill Lublin shares powerful strategies for getting your name from unknown to newsworthy in almost no time!

Marnie Pehrson shares ways to Create a Buzz About Your Book

Penny Sansevieri shares how to maximize and monetize your social media with Fans, Friends, and Followers

Steven E Schmitt helps authors around the world become bestsellers and he will be shariung how he does it.

Dana Lynn Smith reveals The Secrets to Planning a Profitable Virtual Book Tour

It’s not too late to grab your seat Book Marketing Conference Online Access Pass…

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