10 Things You Can Do With PLR Articles…

What can you do with private label rights articles?

Anything you want to! Whatever serves you best. Here are 10 ways you could start using PLR articles today:

  1. Combine 10 articles in a single niche to create a short report for your customers. Give it away as a bonus.
  2. Include the articles in your auto-responder sequence to build perceived higher value with your customers and prospects.
  3. Use them as blog post series.
  4. Post them on social media pointing back to your site.
  5. Pull quotes and schedule posts on Twitter.
  6. Use the articles to create short instructional videos.
  7. Use the articles as resource material for your own product.
  8. Record the articles to create audio files for your customers.
  9. Create an e-course using the articles.
  10. Rewrite the articles in your own voice and submit them to article directories.

So, where can you get really good private label articles without paying through the nose?

I know where you can get some great articles now at no cost…they are a gift!

David Perdew at NAMS is practicing gratitude in November by giving away 240 PLR (Private Label Articles) in 24 evergreen niches.

You can use them as they are, or use them as a source file to kick start your own original content.

But that’s not all he’s giving you. Check it out here:  http://lynnelee.com/novgift

Seriously, the articles are yours for the taking. But you better grab them today, I suspect that he has something very special up his sleeve this month.

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