10 Ways To Dominate Your Niche With a Kindle Series – FREE Seminar

Publishing on KindleIt is so much easier to publish on Kindle than you think it is. If you have been writing articles you probably already have the makings of AT LEAST ONE Kindle book, and I suspect that you will discover that you could easily have multiple Kindle books on sale if you only knew how to do it.

Please accept my invitation to a FREE seminar showing you the ins and outs of publishing on Kindle – no need to opt in, it’s available to watch straight away, and be sure to take notes!


You’ll be buzzing with ideas and come away knowing that YOU really CAN do this. Kristen shares 10 different ways you can start to to dominate your niche with a Kindle series!

I’ve already registered for the new challenge that starts in January because I’m planning on publishing more books, and I know how much easier it will be with the accountability, support, and encouragement that abounds in the awesome Facebook group.

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