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Lynne Lee, EzineArticles Platinum AuthorI am a 60 year old mother of 5 who loves sharing what I’ve learned and helping people to overcome obstacles and get unstuck.Lynne Lee Coach and Coach Trainer

I am a life coach and coach trainer. In the process of becoming a coach I discovered that I love writing and sharing my expertise. I have written numerous articles and reports, and courses and Ebooks.

Whilst establishing my coaching business I developed expertise in the areas of article marketing and website optimization. Technical things come easily to me and I now have a mentor program where I help new coaches to get started with coaching and develop an effective online presence – Mentor program for coaches

Lynne Lee, EzineArticles Platinum Author

I am resurrecting my neglected article marketing blog and am really looking forward to being of service to you once again. If you haven’t already done so, I invite you to download my free guide to making money with articles. It’s been completely revised, is up to date, and really will help you to make money from doing what you love.

Just fill in your name and email address top right, and you’ll have your guide in no time.

All that remains is for you to let me know what you would most like me to teach you so that I can make sure I deliver helpful content that scratches where you’re itching.

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