Are you struggling to get people to review your book?

Reviews really do increase your credibility and boost sales, especially if you are a new author. Getting reviews can open more doors for marketing your book, and having more reviews on your books increases book sales over time.

Good reviews on Amazon are particularly crucial for books by new authors and for niche books, and they boost sales not only on Amazon, but everywhere people are buying books.

Whatever you do, however desperate you are to get reviews, please don’t be tempted to ask for reviews from people who haven’t actually read your book. At best that will result in an unconvincing review that will detract from your book’s credibility rather than do it any good.

I’d done my homework, I knew that I needed to get as many reviews as possible, but I discovered that it’s not always that easy to get people to leave reviews, I had to work hard at it, and I didn’t always get the reviews I’d worked so hard to get.

I was beginning to wonder whether it was worth all the effort, and wondering what to do next, when I discovered that asking for and getting reviews doesn’t have to be as hard as I was finding it.

Could Getting Honest Reviews Be As Easy as a Few Simple Steps?

A friend recommended a toolkit produced by successful authors, and it didn’t take long for me to be convinced to make the small investment. When I saw the tools and resources Shelley and Heather were using to marketing their books, I knew they were just what I needed to make the job of getting reviews a lot easier.

Their honest reviews toolkit, is just that, A TOOLKIT. It isn’t just a PDF with a few tips and a list of resources. It’s a comprehensive collection of tools, strategies, videos…and much more. how to get reviews and endorsements

They share what REALLY works, AND they share the templates, checklists, and spreadsheets they use themselves…they save you a lot of time and effort  so that you can get back to doing what you love best, writing!

I learned a lot from their program and am reaping the benefits in more reviews for my books, and more reviews has led to more sales, and more opportunities to speak.

If you could do with more reviews so you can boost your book sales, you can check it out here.

Here’s a tip that you can implement right away.

Whenever you receive e-mails, or messages on Facebook, from readers who liked your book or ask for further information, you could send them a message like this:

I’m glad you enjoyed my book, thank you for your kind words. If you have a spare moment, it would be a great help if you could post a review of it on Amazon and let other potential readers know what you liked about it. There’s no need to write a long formal review—just a summary of the comments you sent me would be  a great help. I’d really appreciate it. Here’s a link to the review form for my book:

I’ve had good results from using that strategy. Do let me know how you get on.

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