Article Marketing and Twitter – Get Even More Viewers To Your Articles With Twitter and Ezine Articles

If you don’t use Twitter it’s time to start. Twitter will help you to get even more views for your articles, especially if you have an Ezine Articles account.

Christopher Knight of Ezine Articles, has introduced the directory of Ezine Articles Expert Authors who use Twitter.

Over 400 members have already signed up to let them “auto-tweet” for them whenever they have a new article accepted at Ezine Articles.

If you haven’t got a Twitter Account

Go to

  • Upload your author photo, people want to see who you are
  • Upload your 140 character author bio
  • Find people to follow and get involved in the conversation on Twitter.

Joining in the coveversation is the fastest way to attract followers on Twitter. Once you have a Twitter account you can link it to your Ezine Articles account and every time you submit a new article and it’s published, your followers will automatically be updated on Twitter. is a section of EzineArticles created to showcase authors who get extra publicity for their articles by letting Ezine Articles automatically update their Twitter accounts with their latest published articles.

If you haven’t already, sign up for an EzineArticles account and a Twitter account.

Log into the EzineArticles Members Area and simply edit your biography by selecting Profile Manager and then Edit Author Bio from the menu.

Enter your Twitter account information into the fields “Twitter Username” and “Twitter Password.” This information is the same information you use to log into Twitter.

Then click the button at the bottom of the page to save your changes.

The next time you submit an article and it’s published, your Twitter account will automatically be updated. it’s a really easy way of getting even more exposure for your articles.

Go to and get started today.

I’ve just linked my Twitter account with my Ezine Articles account and I’ll be posting an article there soon. You can follow me on Twitter here

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