Article Marketing as an SEO Tool for Building Backlinks & Getting More Visibility

Why Do You Need Backlinks?

Backlinks are an important factor in your site’s search engine ranking. The higher your site ranks in search engine results the more visitors you will get to your site. You can easily create backlinks and establish yourself as an expert in your field by writing and posting articles.

Article Marketing

Article marketing is a relatively easy way of increasing your search engine ranking. Making your articles available to online publishers quickly builds the number of backlinks to your site because each article submitted to an article directory creates an immediate backlink to your website.

Article marketing is even more powerful when you publish your articles to article directories and on social media, and as a guest on other people’s blogs, it helps you to create a highly visible web presence and get a lot of relevant links to your site quickly.

If you make sure that the articles you write to market your business contain useful keyword rich content, other site owners will want to use your articles on their blogs and in their newsletters.

It’s important to write and submit articles regularly. You won’t succeed if you just write a few articles and then stop. Plan to submit at least one article every week. Publish unique articles on your website too and gradually create a keyword rich, content rich site that has information that people are actually looking for.

Publish your articles using Twitter and Facebook and LinkedIn and Google+

Use Twitter to regularly publish links to your articles. And post article links to Facebook too. Post your links often enough to get attention but not so much that people feel that you’re spamming or pitching. Interact with your followers and show interest in what they post.

Encourage your readers to link to your articles from their sites. Let them use your articles as content for their website in return for a live link to your site.

What makes a good link?

The best links are relevant links. You are aiming for links from relevant sites and from higher page ranking sites. Other back links do count, but they don’t carry as much weight as links from relevant sites.

Article marketing is much more than writing articles so that you can give information about your products and services to as many people as possible. The links you build with your articles are as important as the articles themselves. If you write useful articles, put keyword rich links in the article resource box, and distribute your articles to article directories and on social media your site will soon climb in the search engine rankings.

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10 thoughts on “Article Marketing as an SEO Tool for Building Backlinks & Getting More Visibility

  1. It’s ALWAYS a bad idea to try and TRICK the search engines. Quality content, carefully placed keywords and back links using keywords will make sure your content is ranked highly and stays there 🙂

  2. “Content Is King” but there are so many website owners – who have been trying to win the search engine battles – ignore the rules and try to be ‘smart’. They used software and tools to trick the search engines to get their websites indexed highly but only to find out that their websites were banned a month later.

  3. Article marketing can definitely provide quality backlinks to a website but I think there is a danger attached to focusing too much on backlinks. So many people ‘buy’ backlinks or employ backlinking services and end up with completely irrelevant links.

  4. Lisa thanks for sharing. Guest blogging is a very effective way of getting a quality link to your site and getting your material in front of a new audience.

  5. Another good article marketing backlinking strategy is to write guest blogs on highly trafficked or high PR blogs and get your content in front of people you normally wouldn’t have reached.

  6. Article Enriched with key words can be helpful for site ranking if it indicates your site and also if it maintains good quality to make an impression on readers.. I do agree that Regular article submission into article directories definitely work on backlink building to increase site rank…

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