Article Marketing – How Do You Choose What Products To Promote As An Affiliate?

Products to avoid

I suggest you keep clear of products aimed at the internet marketing fraternity. If you act as an affiliate for these products you’ll find it hard to succeed because you will be head to head with the big boys who can offer big bonuses to persuade people to buy through their link.

I know someone who is offering to rebate 90% of her affiliate commission so that people will buy through her link. She will be rebating $900 and keeping $100. Can you afford to do that?

Clickbank Products 

If you are planning to sell clickbank products, select a product that has a high Gravity and a high %/sale. I recommend choosing products that have a gravity of at least 70 and pay at least 50%. It isn’t worth your time and effort to promote something that only pays you $10, unless that’s recurring monthly income. If the product doesn’t pay well, unless you happen to think very highly of it and simply want to benefit your readers, stay clear.

Non Clickbank Products

I look for

  • products that have affiliate resources that make it easier to promote
  • someone who actually answers their emails or has  a responsive help desk
  • people who pay me without me having to chase them

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