Article Marketing Is A Powerful Search Engine Optimization Strategy

Article marketing and search engine optimization work well together and are a powerful combination.

When people search online, they use what are known as keywords to find the information they want. Different people use different keywords to search for the same thing. One person looking for information to help them get on the first page in search engine listings might type in ‘how to get on first page of google’, another might type ‘top search engine rankings’.

They are both looking for the same information, but using different search terms known as keywords, each keyword phrase gives a different set of results.

When you are writing articles it is important not to guess at the keywords your target market will use. Do thorough keyword research and make sure you put your keywords where the search engines like to see them.

Please don’t skip these steps. If you want your articles to appear on the first page of search engine results keyword research and proper keyword placement are vital.

How Does Article Marketing Help With SEO?

Article marketing is an effective way of directing targeted traffic to your website and a way of getting links to your website from the article directories and other websites and blogs. You get links to your site by writing articles and submitting them to article directories. You get even more links when webmasters publish your article complete with author’s resource box on their site.

Your articles need to use the keywords being used to search for information and they need to provide useful information. Your article acts as a marketing agent and needs to to give enough good information to persuade your reader to click on your link in the article resource box.

Aim to send your readers to a page on your site that provides the information they want, don’t just send them to the home page. You can send them to your home page if it’s relevant, but it’s best to get back-links to pages deep on your site.

Search engines list individual web pages, so each article or each page of your website can have a first page listing. The more articles you write, the more opportunities you have of getting on the first page of Google and getting your website found.

The combination of SEO and article marketing is very powerful and will help you to get good search engine listings quickly. When you learn how to use article marketing and search engine optimization together, you will be able to drive lots of free targeted traffic to your site.

If you’d like to know more about how to get your articles listed on the first page of Google, I recommend you use to help you use article marketing for maximum SEO effect.

Lynne Lee is a life coach and SEO consultant who specialises in demystifying search engine optimization, you will find many useful free resources at her Optimize Your Website Blog

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7 thoughts on “Article Marketing Is A Powerful Search Engine Optimization Strategy

  1. I think this post hit the nail on the head Lynne. As the administrator of multiple article directories I see keywords as the most neglected aspect of article submissions.

    Most authors do not research their keywords, use commas incorrectly, capitalize improperly and/or treat the keyword list like a sentence. A bit of keyword research can go a long way in creating greater exposure for your articles.

    Every article page on a directory is free advertising for the article you worked so hard to create. So when an author fails to do any keyword research and doesn’t utilize long-tail keyword phrases, they are seriously limiting it’s exposure.

    Great post, I completely agree with it.


  2. great stuff..good info on article marketing..

    I agree with you that article marketing is a good search engine optimization tool, where it generates quality in coming links.

  3. Great stuff you hit the nail on the head so to speak.

    Content and keywords and the research is the most important and time consuming job, but do it right and Google will love you

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