Article Marketing Success – 90 articles in 90 days . . . is it possible?

I couldn’t let the 1st July go by without telling you about this…

When I speak to solo professionals, who know they need multiple streams of income, and they tell me that they’re creating passive income products because they know it’s a good strategy, and it is a great strategy…I wonder how many of them realize that they are heading towards disappointment.


Because great products are only HALF of the equation. Many of these well intentioned business owners are ignoring THE crucial key to insuring a successful, thriving online business:

You MUST build a large, responsive audience hungry for the benefits your products provide. That generally means getting more traffic to your website and growing your mailing list.

Unfortunately, it seems to take a massive budget, an SEO expert or a close friend who is a marketing guru to make that happen.

If you come up short in those departments . . . or if you don’t want to get to grips with SEO, there IS a way to build a massive audience that is surprisingly accessible:

It’s the 90 Articles in 90 Days Traffic Challenge.

Created by my colleague Rob Schultz, its an affordable, simple call in series, designed to provide what you need to craft powerful articles simply and consistently, to help you:

  • Trigger a never-ending traffic torrent that you could not turn off . . . even if you wanted to.
  • Jump start your list and your traffic in time for the busy fall and holiday buying season.
  • Leverage the viral, social nature of the web to multiply your efforts many times over.
  • Transform your hard earned experience into hordes of new prospects eager to learn more about what you offer . . . and eager to buy.
  • Easily channel article content into powerful new traffic catalysts: blogs, online press releases and social networking sites like Facebook adn Twitter.
  • Attract prospects not only months but years into the future?

Its not rocket science.

And if you are willing to take action, you can open a potential floodgate of interest in your offerings that will complete the passive revenue equation and start you on the road to success.

In less than 90 days.

Best of all? Its waiting for you now:

Go and check it out…

To your success


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