Article Marketing – The Many Valuable Benefits of Article Marketing

The benefits of article marketing all add up to more highly targeted traffic to your site.  Articles are one of the most cost effective ways of getting vast numbers of new targeted visitors to your site within days.

Articles are simply another form of marketing

Articles are an effective way of letting potential customers know that you have what they are looking for and can meet their needs. All you need to do is to write helpful articles on topics related to your business,  and then submit them to various article directories or an article submission site like Article Marketer

When potential customers read your informative articles, it helps to build your credibility, and if you craft an effective article resource box, there is a high probability that your readers will click through to your site. The more visitors you have, the more exposure you get and the more people you can add to your opt in list. That means more sales and more money.

The benefits of article marketing

Article marketing is free

Article marketing is a free or very low cost way to effectively market and promote your site while building lots of search engine friendly one-way links.

Articles attract more visitors to your web site

When you submit your articles to article directories and  article submission services like Article Marketer it can result in
thousands of extra visitors to your web site. And if an on line publisher with thousands of visitors or subscribers decides to use one of your articles, you will have a sudden increase in visitor numbers and significantly more subscribers and sales.

Articles help to establish you as an expert in your field

If your articles give valuable information that your reader’s need, or if they solve your reader’s problems, they will come to regard you as an expert and begin to respect and trust your opinions.

Articles improve your search engine rankings

Article directories allow you to put a resource box at the end of your article with a link back to your site. If you write a quality article that is placed on multiple sites you will automatically get hundreds or even thousands of links pointing back to your site, and that helps your site to climb in search engine rankings.

It can take a while for a new web site to get listed by the search engines. When you write and market articles related to your web site theme, you won’t need to wait around for search engines to find your site. Your articles will bring you almost immediate traffic and help to increase your site’s visibility.

Articles provide valuable one way links to your site

Search engines, put great importance on the number of links pointing to your site. If you have links to your site from lots of different sites, it helps to boost your search engine rankings and drives an ever increasing stream of traffic to your site, resulting in more sales and subscribers.

Links are good for search engine optimization and help you to rank higher in search engine results. The more links you have pointing to your web pages from different sites, the better.

Articles help to you to pre-sell your services or products

Visitors rarely buy straight away. They usually need more exposure to you before making a decision because they need to feel that they can trust you and beleive what you say. When you write articles demonstrating that you have the solution to their problem, it helps your readers to get to know you and what you offer so that they can feel drawn to you and your solutions and eventually become a buyer. Articles help your target market to get to know you and get them ready to make a decision to buy.

Articles carry on working for you forever

Your articles will be listed in search engines and appear on lots of websites for years. Articles can result in a constant stream of traffic, and if you continue to add to the stream by writing more articles, the stream will eventually result in a flood of traffic that you couldn’t stop if you wanted to.

Articles are a source of free search engine traffic

Article marketing only costs you the time it takes to write and distribute the articles. And once your articles are listed in the search engines they will bring you visitors for years.

If you don’t have the money to pay for ads, write articles or get someone to write them for you. Article marketing is a very effective marketing strategy, your articles work over and over again to bring you traffic.

Put your article marketing on steroids

If you want to multiply the effects of each article you write, seriously consider paying for an article submission service. The cost is relatively low and the rewards are great. You can have your article listed on hundreds of sites within days. That means even more links to your site and even more potential visitors.

I have recently started using Article Marketer to submit my articles to more article directories and I am astounded at the difference that is making to my visitor numbers. You can try it out for free, here is the link

Article marketing works

Make sure you include article marketing as one of the top strategies for promoting your web site. It’s a very effective marketing tactic that generates a constant flow of visitors. Articles in lots of different directories with links in the resource box will bring you masses of free search engine traffic.

And if you haven’t already checked out AffSphere, what are you waiting for? This is an article directory that actually pays you money

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  1. It looks like you covered the main benefits Lynne. The long term benefits from search engines and backlinks are something a person can only experience if they stick with article marketing long enough. I have found it to really pay off.

    -Jeff Schuman

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