Article Marketing – Want To Write More Articles Quickly?

You CAN write good articles fast. When you stop obsessing over writing perfect articles you will be able to write lots more articles much faster. To write articles quickly, you need to give yourself permission to write good enough articles.

Make writing the first thing you do each day

Try writing before you do anything else. Make writing the first activity of the day. Try it, words will flow more easily when your mind is uncluttered.

Allow yourself to write junk, you can edit it later

Just write whatever comes, don’t edit as you write. You can edit your articles once you have allowed your creative juices to flow.

Don’t obsess over the right words, just write. Give yourself permission to write in incomplete sentences, make notes to yourself if need be and just keep writing. You can check spelling and grammar later.

Set article writing goals

Write for 30 minutes at the beginning of the day, download all the ideas that have come to you while you’ve been sleeping.

Take one of your article ideas and set yourself a challenge to write a complete article in 30 minutes. When you give yourself a deadline it helps you to stay focused, you will find you write more when you have a deadline and don’t edit as you write. Try it and see for yourself.

I’ve started using journaling software to help me keep track of my writing projects. It could help you be more productive. You can download it for free and use it for 45 days. Plenty of time to discover whether it could be one of your keys to writing articles fast.

Free trial of journal software

Seriously consider investing in How to write more articles fast it really will help you to write more articles quickly.

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12 thoughts on “Article Marketing – Want To Write More Articles Quickly?

  1. Great post! The beauty of article marketing is that it works! Even though I am a professional writer and create articles for my clients (and should probably be sick of it by noon!) I still enjoy article writing and use it heavily when promoting my site.

  2. I have always pinned my major site promotions to article writing. Once you have an article published you have so many options available to wring every ounce of value from it. Article Marketing plays a large part in my coaching program – people just have to be prepared to write then backlink and bookmark and they can create a ton of free, super-targeted promotion.

  3. Lot of helpful comments. I particularly like

    “Allow yourself to write junk, you can edit it later.” I tell people that all the time. Just get your thoughts down. You can often go back and turn a paragraph into a whole other article.

    If you’d like more help, take a look at 7 minute articles, it really will help you to write more articles quickly.

  4. i like the way you put it – “download” all your ideas you had while sleeping. i’ve started writing drafts in my blog as i get them so i always have something to write about and dont forget those light build/aha moments in case i get writers block! thanks for the tips!

  5. This is good information for those just starting out. I enjoyed your post. Article Marketing is FUN, it is not restricted to an Online Business. It can be used to promote anything off-line as well.

  6. Article marketing is really very popular now a day and you could find lot of people talking about it…
    I must say the points you have discussed gives a clear idea about lot of things and the software works fine too. Thanks for sharing…

  7. Good advice. It is very easy to get bogged down trying to write the perfect article. We have to remember who we are writing the articles for. Everyday people want to read articles written by everyday people.

  8. Editing as you write is undoubtedly the biggest block to writing lots of articles quickly.

    When I’m stuck for ideas, I visit EzineArticles and get article ideas from the articles I see there. There is usually something that could be covered better or from a different angle, oo points that you can add to create a whole new article.

  9. Very good points. I especially liked, “Allow yourself to write junk, you can edit it later.” I tell people that all the time. Just get your thoughts down. You can often go back and turn a paragraph into a whole other article.

  10. Great post Article marketing is one of my biggest passions its why I started my own article site. Writing articles used to take a lot of my time but with this software I can write up articles in a few minutes.

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