Article Marketing – What To Expect When You Submit Your Articles To Article Directories

It is possible that one article submission will send you a huge surge of traffic straight away, but the likelihood is that unless a major Ezine uses your article, or you use the tactics in Article Stars, it won’t.

Successful article marketers talk about how much traffic they get from articles and tell you that they’re dominating search engine rankings with their articles, and if they know what they’re doing, it may be true, but remember that they didn’t get those results overnight. It is easy to drive traffic to your website using article marketing but don’t expect masses of traffic immediately, it takes time, and submitting just one article won’t get you the results you’re looking for.

How many articles do I need to write and submit?

Almost anyone can use article marketing as a tool to get more visitors to their site. You don’t need to be an SEO expert or a techi. You just need to be able to write informative, helpful articles that answer questions that people are asking, and submit your articles to article directories regularly.

I suggest you aim to write and submit at least one article each week. One article a week is a minimum, you will get better results more quickly if you write more articles. Writing more articles isn’t as difficult as you think. You will  find that you can write more articles quickly once you get into the habit of writing. Try setting yourself a challenge of writing 1 article each day for the next 30 days, you might surprise yourself.

If you’d like to discover article writing techniques designed to help you write more articles quickly, I recommend How To Write Articles Quickly

If you are serious about using articles marketing to drive quality traffic to your site, you really need to find the time to write at least one article a week; if you submit at least one article a week to article directories , you will begin to see great results, and the more articles you submit, the more visitors you will get.

How long will it be before I see results from article marketing?

You can expect to see some increase in visitor numbers almost immediately, and when you start submitting 4 -30 articles a month, you can expect to see a significant increase in visitor numbers within 3 months. Much depends on how well you target keywords, how many articles you submit, how quickly your articles are indexed by the search engines and how quickly your articles get to the first page of search results. Seriously consider investing in Article Marketing Stars if you want to see quick results in the search engines.

A word of warning

Don’t submit one or two articles, and then say, “this isn’t working!” If you want to see significant results you need to write and submit articles regularly.

How can I tell whether article marketing is working?

These are the main ways to measure your article marketing results:

  • increased traffic to your website
  • an increase in backlinks to your site
  • increase in PageRank (be patient, Google only updates this every 3 months)
  • better search engine ranking for your keyword

You won’t see massive changes right away, but the more articles you get out there, the more ways you will have of getting traffic to your site and creating an ever increasing number of back links. 

Article marketing is an effective way to build links and drive traffic to your website, so persevere, the rewards are worth the effort.

Many effective article marketers use an article submission service to save time and increase article exposure. Article Marketer will submit your articles to hundreds of article directories at the click of a button.

Now, go do some keyword research and write and submit some articles.

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  1. Some excellent suggestions here, it might be wise to mention the importance of such things as “Article Structure” (not just repeating a keyword and no real substance or information) “Spelling and Grammar” as well as formating, any or all can make the difference between having your articles published by site owners.

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