Article Marketing – Writing Articles For Free Search Engine Traffic Starts With Finding The Right Keywords

Article Writing is one of the most useful skills you can master. Keyword rich articles are a proven tactic for getting lots of free search engine traffic to your website. Once you can write your own search engine traffic generating articles you will have the key to an ever increasing stream of free search engine traffic.

Writing keyword rich articles is a lot easier than you might think

The first step is to find the right keyword phrases. This is the most important step. You need to identify keyword phrases that are searched for enough but don’t have many competing pages.

If you choose a keyword phrase that has too much competition, you will be wasting your time because you will struggle to attract much search engine traffic. Instead, concentrate your article writing efforts on targeting phrases that will give you a good chance of being ranked on the first page of Google.

Choose a keyword phrase that is searched for enough but doesn’t yet have a lot of competing pages

You will generally have more success with longer keyword phrases.

For example:

  • is he husband material has 119 daily searches and only 230 competing pages
  • signs of a controlling relationship has 860 daily searches and only 3010 competing pages

To research keywords you could use Wordtracker will suggest related keywords and if you click on the G at the right it is easy to see how many competing pages there are. Or you could use the Google Adwords tool It will give you a lot of information and suggest many alternative keywords.

If you want an excellent keyword research tool that will take away any guesswork, I highly recommend Keyword Elite

When identifying keyword phrases worth targeting, look for keywords that lend themselves to creating a good title. The title is very important when you’re writing articles with a view to getting on the first page of Google so that you can get lots of free search engine traffic.

And the title is crucial if want to harness the viral effect of article writing. Other webmasters won’t be tempted to use your article if you have a boring title.

You need an article title that contains your keyword phrase and also promises really useful information. Your article title needs to suggest that it will draw a large enough audience to encourage your readers to link to your article or re-post it on their site complete with the links to your site in the resource box at the bottom of the article.

Action Steps

  • Research good keywords
  • create keyword rich benefit laden titles
  • Write 300 – 500 word articles focused around each keyword phrase
  • Edit your article and article title
  • Submit your articles to article directories

If you would like to get your articles into lots of directories quickly, consider using an article submission service like Article Marketer and get masses of exposure and lots of search engine rank boosting exposure.

If you follow these steps and make sure every article you write is written around the right keyword phrases, you will get a steadily increasing flow of free search engine traffic to your site.

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Now go and do some keyword research and write lots of  keyword rich articles!

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