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Do you want more people to click through to your web site from the articles you write? Make sure your article resource box doesn’t let you down. You can write a near perfect article and still not get anyone to click through to your website. If you don’t get the resource box right, you will have wasted your efforts.

If you want your article to sell what you’re offering, then you need to craft a great resource box. Another name for this is “author bio”; it’s the information immediately below your article body and is also known as your signature file.

What to include in your resource box

Your name

You’d be amazed at how many people don’t include their name in the resource box. I would suggest that you leave it until the end of your resource box. You’ll see why later.

Your website address

As an absolute URL, for example,

Your unique selling proposition

This is a few sentences that capture the essence of what makes your offering unique.

Your call to action

Once you’ve drawn your reader in, it’s time to invite them to buy from you or visit your website. I recommend that you have one specific call to action.

Some things you could include in your resource box

Your Ezine subscription address

You don’t want your reader to click through to your website and never return. It’s a good idea to offer them a good reason to give you their email address so that you can keep in touch and build up the know like and trust factor. People rarely buy on the first visit.

A link to a free report

This could be part of your call to action; it’s a way of enhancing your credibility as an expert and helps you to keep in touch with your visitor.

Anchor text

A keyword or keyword phrase that you want to build SEO strength for. For example, if I wanted to build search engine strength for the term Article Writing And Marketing I’d link the phrase to my blog.

How to write a an effective resource box

It’s best to start you resource box in the article body. If your article resource box flow seamlessly from your article, your reader will be reading the resource box without even realising that they’re there. I strongly recommend that you avoid announcing the end of your article. Thanks go to Jeff Herring for that tip.

The article resource box isn’t really a box. It’s the next line of text; you can use this to your advantage.

When you craft your resource box, think about what your reader is likely to respond to and give them a good reason to click through to your site. Don’t waste the resource box trying to prove that you’re an expert. If your article hasn’t already convinced your reader of that, you’ve already lost your reader.

The important thing to remember when writing your resource box is that the resource box isn’t about you. Your reader is more concerned with what’s in it for them than they are in learning about you. Make sure your resource box passes the “so what” test.

What not to include in your resource box

  • A list of all your websites or blogs. Stick to one URL that is related to your article.
  • A list of your qualifications. Your reader isn’t interested. Keep your resource box short and to the point.
  • Advertisements for products that aren’t related to your article.

Two examples of an effective resource box

Would you like a free coaching guide to help you to hear God more clearly and redesign your life around what’s important to you? Be Your Own Life Coach Now is a practical step by step coaching guide designed to help you to start transforming your life right away. And it’s yours free just for visiting my website.

If you found this article helpful you might like to visit where you’ll find more free life coaching articles to help you start transforming your life today.

Lynne Lee is a Christian life coach and spiritual mentor. She helps people to re-design their lives around what matters most.

Notice that this second resource box has been tailored to fit the article it accompanied.

If you want to learn more about how to write and market short reports you can download a free 24 page special report by going to 5 Steps To A Small Report

You will find more resources for writers at

Lynne Lee is an seo and article writing and marketing coach. She helps people to take their first steps in online marketing.

Make your resource box work for you

Your resource box is the only place in your article where you can actively promote what you have to offer. It’s worth taking time to get it right. Create different resource boxes for different specialities. Don’t use the same resource box for every article you write. Tailor your resource box to your article and make sure you give your reader a good reason to click through to your website.

Now, take action. Spend some time working on your resource boxes, the effort you make now will pay off in the future. More and more targeted visitors will arrive at your site as a result of article marketing. Write a resource box that appeals to your readers and makes them want to click through.

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