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How To Get All The Free Traffic You Want With Only One Marketing Activity – By Jimmy D. Brown 

Are you a “traffic juggler”?

That is, do you attempt to get traffic to your site by doing all kinds of activities ranging from SEO to PPC listings to buying solo mailings?

In other words, do you “juggle” your traffic generation activities like multi-colored balls – never holding on to one for very long and always moving on to the next one?

As a recovering “traffic juggler” myself, I can tell you this with great certainty … you and I aren’t alone.

Sadly, most internet marketers wear the same hat.  They complicate things by trying every new traffic strategy, buying ever new traffic tool and joining every new traffic program.

It doesn’t need to be that way.

In fact, what I want to suggest to you in this article will make your life a whole lot easier, and, as a direct result, will actually get more traffic to your site than ever before.

Brace yourself for a life-changing statement –

   ** If you have your own product to sell online, you only need to focus on ONE traffic strategy! **

Yep, you read that correctly.

Instead of trying to do a gazillion things, there is a very simple, very effective approach:  focus on the ONE thing that really matters, the ONE thing that produces the greatest results, the ONE thing that will get you all the traffic you’ll ever need.

And that ONE thing is to…

** Start, Strengthen and Spread Your Own Affiliate Program*

Let’s look at that statement in 3 steps for simplicity purposes…

Step 1:  *START* Your Affiliate Program.

There is one major reason why you need to start your own affiliate program that stands head and shoulders above the rest:  every traffic generation concept (past, present and future) can be done FOR YOU, BY OTHERS if you have your own affiliate program in place.

Let that sink in.  Chew on that for a while.  It’s such a paradigm shift that most people don’t even realize the tidal-wave-like power behind the concept.

Instead of you working with PPC ads and you working on the SEO stuff and you buying the solo mailings, you can get others to do this FOR YOU as a member of your affiliate program.

So, to begin with, you need to start your own affiliate program.  A great place to do this is

Step 2:  *STRENGTHEN* Your Affiliate Program.

After establishing your affiliate program, it’s important to “strengthen” it.  That is, you will need to train your affiliates to do all of the marketing for you.  You’ll also need to provide them with marketing materials such as brandable PDF reports, articles, advertisements, banners, etc.

But, let’s take this another step.

Instead of loading some marketing and training materials to your affiliate center and leaving it up to your affiliates to figure out how to use them, why not point out how to use them?

Example:  List 10 great newsletters where they can purchase solo mailings to promote your offer.  Put something in there for every budget.  (What a nice treat it will be when one of your aggressive affiliates purchases a $500 solo mailing to promote your offer!)

You’ll be SHOCKED to see what this one additional step can mean to your bottom line.

But, you could take it even another step further.

How about offering to personally train 10 affiliates in how best to promote your offer?  You could teach one how to use
ezine advertising; another how to buy PPC ads in numerous engines; still another how to distribute ezine articles.

(Here’s an idea:  how about you purchase a copy of the latest traffic tool or manual for one of your affiliates
and get them involved in using it to promote you?!)

Can you imagine the impact?

Step 3:  *SPREAD* Your Affiliate Program.

Finally, you want to continue growing your program by recruiting more and more affiliates.  As your numbers grow, so will your results.

The bottom line is simple:  instead of “juggling” a bunch of different traffic ideas, a much more effective use of your time is to focus on ONE source of traffic:  your own affiliate program.

Juggling is great for clowns, but lousy for internet marketers.

Jimmy D. Brown is the author of Sales Army Secrets, the most comprehensive, creative product available on the subject of profiting from your own affiliate program.  Get your free mini-course at 

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