Article Writing and Marketing – How Can You Write Articles If You Struggle To Write?

If you’ve visited my blog before you already know that writing and posting articles are an effective way of getting people to visit your website.

Articles help

  • search engine rankings by improving search engine results for particular keywords and phrases
  • to attract more website visitors from the link in your resource box from another website, blog or email
  • to give you more credibility

Your articles need to be relevant to the content on your website; they are particlualy effective when they’re focused on the theme of your site. If you provide helpful articles, your visitors are likely to recommend your site and help to create more traffic to you website. You’ll make more sales once you’ve proved your worth and visitors start to trust you. Your articles  will prove that you know what you’re talking about.

What can you do if you are convinced that articles are a good marketing strategy yet you struggle to write your own articles?

If you struggle to write it might be better to spend your time on other aspects of your business.

What can you can do to get low cost or free articles?

You can get free articles. They are all over the Internet. You can go to any article directory and pick up an article to use on your site. But bear in mind that there are likely be lots of other people using the same articles.

You could look for free articles in the public domain. This involves a lot of time, unless you use software to help you, but it can be worth the effort because there are fewer people using this method than there are getting articles from free article directories.

You can use public domain material freely and you won’t have any problems with copyright. You can copy public domain works in their entirety or mix and match to your heart’s content.

Public domain articles are articles freely given to the public. Just be sure the articles you find really are in the public domain. Once you’ve found public domain articles, you can do whatever you want with them. You can put them on your site, put your anme to them, use them in a report or…the possibilities are endless.

There is a downside to using public domain articles just as they are. Other website owners may use them too. It’s best to make the articles yours by taking time to edit them. You can easily

  • change the title
  • add a few comments
  • chop some of the content
  • rearrange things
  • add more keywords

to make them unique to you.

To stand out from the crowd, you need original articles

There are many article writers who will write articles for you and charge reasonable fees. You can have good articles created so that have keywords and keyword phrases to match your website theme. The investment could be worthwhile because the articles will help you to get more inbound links to your site and generate traffic. If you’ve comissioned the articles you hold the copyright to them and can use them in any way you like. 

If you don’t have time to search the public domain for articles and prefer not to spend money comissioning articles, there is another source for articles.

There are articles available which have limited circulation

The articles are written to help website owners. There aren’t as many websites using them since they are limited circulation and not freely available. These articles are cost effective and easily beat trying to write everything yourself. If you need a lot of content quickly, they are worth considering because they are one of the best sources of inexpensive articles you will find.

It really is worth the effort needed to populate your site with quality articles. The rewards are

  • increased traffic 
  • improved search engine rankings
  • increased Google Page Rank from the links pointing to your site from article direcories and other people’s sites

Here are some useful links for limited use articles. I highly recommend them.

 Info Go Round

Article Undeground

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