Article Writing And Marketing – How To Make Money With Articles Even If You Don’t Have A Website

Making money from articles without a website

You can make money writing short articles and you can make money even if you haven’t got a website or autoresponder. You only need a computer, and an internet connection to be able to make money writing articles.

The key to making money with articles is article volume. If you’re serious about making money with article marketing you need to be prepared to write articles every day.  

Each article needs only

  • be between 300 – 500 words
  • be keyword rich and
  • have an effective article resource box with links to affiliate products

Go to ClickBank and Commission Junction and register with them if you don’t already have affiliate accounts with them. Then, visit their marketplace and select a few popular products that are related to an area that you can write about. Make sure that the products that you select are high quality items that are selling well.

If you want to know what’s popular now look at

  • Clickbank search the marketplace and sort by popularity
  • – what is popular right now?

  • Wordtracker take their free trial and make sure people are searching for what you plan to sell

Next choose a product that you want to promote.

It could be your favourite affiliate programme or a product from clickbank. Make sure it’s something that you can honestly recommend.

It helps to choose a topic that you know something about and that people are actually searching for.

Now write a 300 – 500 word article that relates to the product you want to promote

Whatever you do, don’t make your article a sales pitch for the product or service. Provide useful information that your reader can use immediately.

Give your article a keyword rich title and description and make sure you use the keywords throughout your article.

Some article directories don’t allow you to use affiliate links

Here’s how you get around that if you don’t have a website. This will cost less than $10 and you can use it time and time again.

Go to and buy a keyword rich domain name that relates to the product you want to sell. Just buy the domain name. You don’t need any hosting or any of the other extras GoDaddy will try to sell you. I recommend that you buy a .com extension.

Next, redirect your domain name to your affiliate link. GoDaddy lets you redirect your domain name to an affiliate link at no extra cost and it’s one of the cheapest domain registration companies and it has 24 hour support.

Now, when someone clicks on your domain name, it will go to directly to the sales page for the affiliate product. Your reader will see the website with the product that you’re promoting and the commissions will be tracked to you.

You need a domain name because

  • some article directories don’t allow affiliate links in the resource box
  • the domain name doesn’t look like an affiliate link

The steps again…

  • choose a domain name that is memorable and that you are happy to be associated with
  • redirect the domain name to your affiliate link for your chosen product
  • use your domain name in the resource box of your article to take your reader directly to the product sales page

If you research the product well and take time to identify profitable keyowrds you will be able to make a regular stream of income using this method.

Do let me know how you get on with making money from article marketing without a website…just leave a comment in the box below…

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2 thoughts on “Article Writing And Marketing – How To Make Money With Articles Even If You Don’t Have A Website

  1. Here’s how to forward the domain at GoDaddy

    Buy a domain name

    In your GoDaddy account, click on Domains.

    Click My Domains

    Click the box next to the domain name you want to forward

    Click the Forward link in the nav bar above

    Click Forward

    Click Enable

    Copy and paste your affiliate link into the forward field

    Click on OK, then click on OK again.

    It’s that easy!

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