Article Writing and Marketing To Build Your Business – The Why And How Of Article Marketing.

Getting started with article marketing

Article writing and marketing is an effective way to promote your services and products. Writing and distributing articles will help you to build your online business, increase your credibility and give you much more visibility on the internet.

Strategies to help you use article marketing effectively and make more money on the internet

My main goal today is to give you a feel for what article marketing can do for you and your business and how to use this effective marketing strategy, starting today.

Why use article marketing?

When I got started on the internet, it didn’t take me long to realise that it was no good creating a website and expecting people to find it by themselves, so I set about learning how to make sure that people found my website from day 1.

I did a lot of research before I started to create my website, and laid solid foundations by researching keywords my niche market used to search for what I had to offer.

The research phase paid off, within weeks my website was listed on the first page of Google and I started getting free search engine traffic. But the free search engine traffic didn’t arrive straight away. While I was waiting for my site to appear in the search engine listings I wrote articles and submitted them to Ezine Articles, that’s how I got the first visitors to my website.

If I hadn’t written and submitted articles to Ezine articles my website would have been like a ghost town when I first started out

I soon discovered that article marketing is an effective way of getting visitors to your website and I still get website visitors from my first articles. Those first articles still help me to build my subscriber list.

I encourage other website owners to use article marketing to drive visitors to their site because I know it works, I’ve seen the power of article marketing for myself. And along the way, I’ve discovered that I love to teach people how to write articles and demystify the process of submitting articles to article directories.

I’m also enjoying getting alongside small business owners and helping them to develop an effective web presence and master the technology they need to build their online business.

Getting started with article marketing

To begin with I only submitted my articles to Ezine Articles. I knew they were the biggest and I had heard good reports about them. It’s worked very well for me.

It’s very easy to get started with article marketing. Simply read the guidelines, make sure you follow the rules and provided you can write coherently, your articles will be published because the directories are hungry for fresh content.

Ezine articles will publish articles from 250 words long, though I recommend that you aim for around 400 words

You can’t put live links in your article, but you can put live links in the author’s resource box, and you can send your reader’s to wherever will be most useful to you. They don’t allow you to put an affiliate link in the resource box but there are ways round that.

When you submit your articles to an article directory, you automatically give people permission to use your article on their blog, on their website or in their newsletter; the only condition is that they don’t change your article and that they leave your author’s resource box intact and keep the links live.

The viral effect of article marketing is what makes it so valuable

What is article marketing and who can benefit from it?

Article marketing is simply the process of promoting any site or service or product with short informative articles that you either write yourself or have written for you, and then distributing them to different sources.

But I can’t write articles

Anyone can do article marketing. If you hate to write or think you’re not much good at writing, or if you think you’re okay but could do with learning how to do it better, you can use article marketing to get more website visitors.

You can use article marketing to promote just about anything. A business or a service, a physical product, a downloadable product, a tele-course, a membership site, an ebook, your products or someone else’s, and you can use article marketing to build an opt in list.

You can do article marketing if you are new to the internet, and you can do article marketing if you haven’t got a website or a product of your own.

Why article marketing works

Article marketing works well because it’s a form of pre-selling. It’s a way of demonstrating that you know what you’re talking about and have something valuable to offer. Articles help to give you credibility and can help to establish you as an expert in your field.

One of the reasons articles work so well is that articles are quick and easy to read. People like to read articles.

I’m sure you’ve read articles that taught you how to do something, or made something clear. Once you find some of the information you need or a solution to a problem, you’re more likely to look favourably on the person who provided the information.

If they did a good job with the article you might even want to read more of their articles or visit their website and be prepared to think about what else they have to offer.

Article marketing opens doors

When people visit your site as a result of reading one of your articles, they are already interested in what you have. They’ve read your article, they now think you have some credibility, and they are more likely to be interested in what you’re offering.

Search engines like articles. They are looking to deliver the most relevant content to the people who are searching. They are looking for quality information relevant to the search query.

If you do a good job of researching keywords, your articles have a good chance of being listed on the first pages of search results. Each article is another opportunity to be found and builds your credibility even more. If you give useful, accurate information then you will build your credibility and begin to build trust.

The other benefit of article marketing is that you are building links back to your site, and the more one way links you have the better your search engine position will be.

Article marketing isn’t actually free, it costs your time, but my experience is that it’s time well spent.

I’ve recently discovered that I get even better results using an article distribution service. I have many more visitors to my site, more people on my email list and I have sold more products. That is the power of article marketing and wide article distribution.

An article distribution service will get your article to hundreds, if not thousands of directories

It’s very powerful and results in masses of one way links to your site.

So if you’re already writing articles, if you have some on Ezine Articles already, then I recommend that you start putting your articles on other article directories. Take a look at article marketer. If you go to you can sign up for a free account. Try it for a month; your articles will be distributed on their partial distribution list. They will distribute your articles to some of the directories in their database.

If you like the results you see, and I’m sure you will, and then sign up for a paid account; their paid service will get your article distributed more widely. Once you have seen the value of article submission and how it builds masses of links back to your site, I’m sure you’ll want to continue disributing your articles to hundreds of sites and reaping the benefits.

You will get many more people to your blog and sign ups for your Ezine. It is extremely powerful.

You can send out the same articles that you already have on Ezine articles. And have them working for you all over the internet. Once you try this for yourself you will be amazed at the results.

How to write an article

If you haven’t written an article before and you’re wondering if you can do this, you need to know that writing an article for the internet is very different to writing an article for a magazine. Magazines have strict guidelines and are very picky and you’re more likely to be rejected than published because they have very limited requirements.

The article directories are eager to publish your articles and are very likely to publish your article providing you follow their simple guidelines.

One of the simplest articles to write is a tips article. It’s just a matter of getting your idea, then writing 5 or 7 tips; just a couple of sentences about each tip and an opening paragraph.

You do need to write an article that represents you well. Your article is like a sales agent representing you 24 hours a day 365 days a year. You need to make sure it does a good job of representing you, but don’t let perfectionism stop you getting it out there working for you.

For most people, the hardest part of writing an article is getting started. It’s easy to let the fear of not getting it right stop you from starting at all. And when you have written your article it can be easier to leave it on your hard drive than run the risk of submitting it to an article directory and the possibility of rejection.

The way to get started with article writing is to stop thinking and talking about it and actually do it. So choose a strategy, make a plan and get started right away. Take a step today and another one tomorrow and the day after that.

If you need some help getting started, I recommend you explore my blog, you will find articles to help you with every step of your article writing and marketing journey.

It’s all here. And there is even a free download, How To Make money With Your Articles. You can download that today, all you need to do is put your name and email address in the box, top right.

Write short 400 – 500 articles

Your articles don’t need to be long. Don’t try to deliver lots of information in one article. Each article need only be a snippet of information. You are aiming to write an article that is easy to read; just a taste of your expertise, not a whole meal in one sitting. You can direct them to your website for the rest.

Keep your articles short and simple. Just write like you talk and aim for around 400 words. That’s all you need to get your articles published in most article directories.

Don’t wait until your article is perfect before you submit it. Allow yourself to write an article that is good enough and get your articles into the directories and working to bring visitors to your website or blog.

Your article just needs to be good enough to represent you well. Deliver useful information that gives your reader an opportunity to get to know, like and trust you and leaves them wanting more from you.

Your articles will bring you visitors and subscribers every day

Just make sure that once your vistors arrive at your website or blog you have an opt in box, it’s better to position that top right, and a good encouragement to opt in so that you can stay in touch and they’re not just a one time visitor.

Alternativley, you can send your reader to an affiliate product through a link in your resource box.

It’s easy to buy a domain name at GoDaddy and redirect the domain name to your affiliate link. You’’l pay less than $10 for the domain name and the beauty of doing it this way is that it won’t look like an affiliate link.

Submitting your articles to article directories

There is a little more to this than simply writing articles. How you submit your article is important. Don’t just rush to get your article into all the directories. There are strategies that will help you to get your articles read more and used by other website owners.

Once you have written your article and you’ve checked it through, do submit it. The directories want your articles and you can write a good enough article. Get past the fear of rejection and write articles and actually submit them

Don’t just be a one article wonder. You need more than one article. Your first article will create a trickle of traffic. And each article you submit will bring more visitors. Each of your articles will work to bring you website traffic forever each article you write will make the traffic flow bigger.

When you start submitting your articles to Ezine Articles you have 5 areas to fill in

Title, description, keywords, body, resource box.

Before you write your article, know your keywords and use them when you are writing and submitting articles.

Article title

Put your keywords as close to the beginning of the title as you can. Search engines read from left to right; they need to see your keywords at the beginning of your title.

Article description

Make a good job of your description, Put your keywords in there and give your readers a good reason to click through and read your article.

Article body

Make your article body easy to read. Create sub-headings and break your text into easy to digest chunks.

Article resource box

Your resource box is very important. It’s your reward for writing the article and an opportunity to get readers to visit your site.

Don’t talk about you in the resource box. Have a call to action, ask your readers to do something. Demonstrate a benefit of clicking your link – give your readers an incentive to vist your website.

I could share much more, but my aim today is to give you a feel for what article marketing can do for you and your business and help you to get started with using this effective marketing strategy.

The only way you will know whether this tactic is for you is to have a go. It’s very effective and it’s worth getting over any hurdles you might have.

You’ll find it easier to get started with this strategy if you get into the habit of writing. Keep a notebook with you and jot down ideas as they occur. It’s worth the effort; your articles will bring you lots of targeted traffic.

Be sure to re-visit my blog, you will find lots of really helpful resources to help you use article writing and marketing to build your business. I recommend that you bookmark my site now while you remember. And if you sign up for the RSS feed, top right, you won’t miss anything

Remember to pick up your free guide to making money with articles.

If you have questions or comments, jsut leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you. And if you would like to know more about what I have to offer, you will find everything under one roof at

Now go and write some articles and see for yourself just how powerful article writing and marketing can be.

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