Article Writing – How Do I Get Started Writing Articles?

 What Do I Write About?

You’ll find it much easier to write articles when you know a lot about the subject you’re writing about. If you always write about what you know you’ll find it much easier to write articles quickly.

What do you know most about?

Everybody is an expert at something. If you know more than someone else about a topic, to them, you are an expert.

  • What are you an expert in?
  • What do people continually ask you about?

The easiest kind of article

One of the  easiet kind of articles to write is the ‘how to article’. That’s because there is an obvious sequential structure.

The very first step if you want people to actually find your article

Before you write your article, do some keyword research. Make sure that enough people are searching for the information to make it worth your time and effort.

You could try just putting ‘how to’ in the keyword research tool to see what people want to know about. Is there something in the long list that you could write an article about?

Article ideas

Keep an ideas notebook. When you’re reading, jot down ideas for your articles. Get into the habit of jotting down your ideas as they occur to you otherwise they’ll slip away.

Flick though old magazines. You can safely borrow an idea from an old article that sold. You’ll just be taking the basic idea and some of the facts and reworking them into a new article written from your perspective.

Look through the article directories and search using your keyword. The tiltes and descriptions will soon have you thinking of articles that you can write.

Brainstorm article writing ideas

Choose a topic and ask yourself questions about it.

  • what are the benefits?
  • how do you make it?
  • what does it mean?
  • how does it help?
  • where does it come from?
  • who invented it?
  • who said it?
  • what makes it the best?

You’ll find that your answers generate even more questions and that by the time you run out of questions you’ll have ideas for lots of articles.

Now, think beyond your original idea and if you need to do research before you write your article, make sure it’s worth doing the research by planning a series of articles around the topic.

If you’ve done a good job of brainstorming, you’ll find that you have a enough article ideas to produce a short guide or even an ebook. And remember, the more you know about your subject to begin with, the less research you’ll need to do.

If you already know how to do something well and other people are searching for the information, you’re onto a winning article writing topic.

You can do extensive keyword research at Wordtracker for free

Now go do some keyword research and write lots of keyword rich articles.

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