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If you’d like to produce great content quickly without writing every word yourself, I’ve discovered a great resouce for well written articles that you can use in any way you want.

It has an ever-growing, fully-searchable niche article database. Whenever you need an article you can search the article database by keyword, by favourite “original author”, or by top-rated article. Alternatively you can simply browse the 40+ content categories to find the article you want within seconds!You can use the quality private label content that IGR provides in an endless variety of ways just as if you’d written it yourself. And the great thing about the articles you’ll find here is that they are written by people who have English as their first language.

Many of the articles are good enough to use as they are, though I would highly recommend rewriting them slightly so that they have your voice and provide unique content for your site or blog.

You never have to credit the original content authors in any way, and you can modify or add the content provided in any way you like. This isn’t the usual PLR stuff. They are quality articles written by people like you and me.

The benefits and potential uses are only limited by your imagination. You could:

  • Add freshly written content to your site or blog on a regular basis
  • Start your newsletters
  • Generate traffic to your website by using the articles on blogs, or rewrite them for article directories
  • Create books and other information products to sell or to give away in exchange for an e mail address
  • Create an ecourse…

Even though I love writing and continue to write many of my own articles, I’m using this source myself because it’s sometimes easier to write articles when you have something to tweak than it is to write everything yourself.

Here’s to your success,


P.S.  IGR currently has a special introductory price that I suspect won’t last.  The more members that join, the more valuable IGR becomes (you’ll see what I mean when you see how their Cash for Content Program works). It’s worth checking out. I get free access to all the content simply by writing and submitting just one article a month to the article database.

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