Article Writing Template – Traps and How To Escape Them

Chris Knight of EzineArticles put another article template on the EzineArticle blog yesterday.

Here is one of the comments, it’s worth noting

Lance Winslow said:

I like this because it is indeed, a sub-genre of the Problem/solution Template. It makes sense and the article author that uses it, will find that they are speaking to the direct needs and emotional concerns of their readers. Good call on this template idea.

I think many of us have used this template without even realizing it. But please do not fall into the TRAP of: complacency in your article writing. If you do you will find that you will bore your loyal readers and they will click out literally to your articles. Rather, you need to take this New Template and refine it so that it:

1.) Fits your style
2.) Speaks to your reader
3.) Solves their problems
4.) Captures their interest
5.) Compels them to act (clicking your link).

It’s time you added this template to your arsenal of article authoring techniques, so please think on it.

This is worth considering when you use any article template. Here’s the link Go and be inspired and write some more articles.

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