10 Things You Can Do With PLR Articles…

What can you do with private label rights articles? Anything you want to! Whatever serves you best. Here are 10 ways you could start using PLR articles today: Combine 10 articles in a single niche to create a short report for your customers. Give it away as a bonus. Include the articles in your auto-responder … Read more

Are you struggling to get people to review your book?

Reviews really do increase your credibility and boost sales, especially if you are a new author. Getting reviews can open more doors for marketing your book, and having more reviews on your books increases book sales over time. Good reviews on Amazon are particularly crucial for books by new authors and for niche books, and they boost … Read more

How To Write, Publish, & Market Your Book

What writing goals are you focusing on right now? How are you stretching beyond your comfort zone? I find it difficult to really focus on more than one area of my life at a time. Most of this year, I focused on growing my Coach training and mentoring business, and meeting writing goals such as … Read more

Conditions are never just right – TAKE ACTION EVERY DAY!

“Conditions are never just right. People who delay action until all factors are favorable, do nothing.” William Feather I see this ALL THE TIME with entrepreneurs, and business owners, and in personal life. Take Action Now! Even it’s imperfect action, you’ll move forward further and faster than if you wait until all the conditions are just right. Set … Read more

Have you thought about writing books and putting them on kindle but…?

If you don’t yet  publish on Kindle yet,  seriously consider it. Kindle and other publishing platforms are a great way to build streams of passive income. Quick link: http://lynnelee.com/kindleoptimization If you’ve thought about writing books and putting them on kindle but maybe you haven’t yet because you don’t know exactly how to do it to get … Read more

Kindle Authors And Publishers…You Need This!

These little known optimization tips WILL help you to get more Kindle Book Sales You can’t just publish your book on Kindle and guess your way through listing it. You can’t use any old book description on Amazon and expect your book to sell. You can’t just choose any old book title and expect to … Read more

KIndle Challenge – Help To Get Going With Your Own Kindle Book Series

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How To Outsource Kindle Books The Right Way

If you would like to have more Kindle books for sale quicker than you can write them all yourself then this guide to successful outsourcing is just what you need. http://lynnelee.com/outsourcekindle It takes all the guesswork out of figuring out how to get more Kindle books out there quickly. If you don’t want to do … Read more

Article Marketing – Focus On Writing How To Articles

If you put ‘how to’ in a keyword research tool and examine the results, you will find a long list of topics people actually want how to information on, there is no shortage of in demand articles to write. ‘How To’ articles are in great demand and they have the added benefit of establishing you … Read more