Article Marketing – Focus On Writing How To Articles

If you put ‘how to’ in a keyword research tool and examine the results, you will find a long list of topics people actually want how to information on, there is no shortage of in demand articles to write. ‘How To’ articles are in great demand and they have the added benefit of establishing you … Read more

Profitable Content Creation – How You Can Easily Create Your Own Content

Content creation and content marketing are an effective way of getting new leads and increasing your profits. A recent issue of Entrepreneur Magazine had this to say about content creation and content marketing: When it comes to marketing strategies, content marketing has just been crowned king, far surpassing search engine marketing, public relations and even … Read more

Your Article Title Is Crucial – Don’t Underestimate The Power Of A Good Title

I hope you found yesterday’s article writing tip helpful. Today we’re going to talk about choosing the right title for your article. Don’t underestimate the power of a good title when it comes to getting your article read by more of your target market. The right title will grab attention, get more people reading your … Read more

Article Marketing Bootcamp – Boost Website Traffic And Make More Money

If you want to grow your business with article marketing and have support and expert help while you’re doing it, don’t miss this opportunity If you want to: Become known as an expert in your niche Establish your credibility with your target market Get more targeted traffic to your website Quickly rise to the … Read more

Article Marketing as an SEO Tool for Building Backlinks & Getting More Visibility

Why Do You Need Backlinks? Backlinks are an important factor in your site’s search engine ranking. The higher your site ranks in search engine results the more visitors you will get to your site. You can easily create backlinks and establish yourself as an expert in your field by writing and posting articles. Article Marketing … Read more

Article Marketing – A Simple Strategy For Writing Lots Of Articles Quickly

Writing a few articles a week will bring you some targeted traffic and sales, but you will get even better results if you write a lot of articles. The more articles you write, the more successful you are likely to be. Don’t worry, I’m not suggesting that you spend all your time writing articles, once … Read more

Article Marketing Is A Powerful Search Engine Optimization Strategy

Article marketing and search engine optimization work well together and are a powerful combination. When people search online, they use what are known as keywords to find the information they want. Different people use different keywords to search for the same thing. One person looking for information to help them get on the first page … Read more

Write More Keyword Focused Articles – Free Keyword Research Tool

Here is a free keyword research tool that you might find useful. You simply install the free software, then when you browse in Google, the software automatically shows a view keywords button below any Adwords on the page. When you click the view keywords button, you get to see the keywords the Adwords advertiser … Read more

Article Marketing – What To Expect When You Submit Your Articles To Article Directories

It is possible that one article submission will send you a huge surge of traffic straight away, but the likelihood is that unless a major Ezine uses your article, or you use the tactics in Article Stars, it won’t. Successful article marketers talk about how much traffic they get from articles and tell you that they’re dominating … Read more

Article Marketing – Your Article Resource Box Must Promise A Strong Benefit

Don’t make the mistake of making your article resource box about you If you want lots of people to click through to your site don’t make your article resource box about you. Your article resource box needs to be about your reader and promise a strong benefit. Here are some examples of effective article resource … Read more

Article Writing For SEO – Use Article Marketing To Boost Your Search Engine Position And Get More Visitors

Article marketing is a proven cost effective SEO tool for businesses of any size in any niche. Once you know how to make article marketing work for your business you will significantly increase visitor numbers and climb in the search engine rankings. What is article marketing? Article marketing is simply writing articles about your field of … Read more

Article Marketing – Are You Using Problem-Solving Articles In Your Article Marketing Strategy?

Include problem-solving articles in your article marketing strategy

Articles that offer a solution to a problem will help your website to climb in the search engines and be found by more people. When people search on the internet they are looking for solutions and advice. If you have an article marketing strategy that

  • provides solutions to problems
  • answers frequently asked questions

you will make more money online.

An article marketing strategy that works

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Success With Article Marketing Begins With Keyword Research

Keyword rich articles are a proven strategy for getting free search engine traffic to your website or blog. Once you can write your own search engine traffic generating articles you have the key to masses of free search engine traffic. Article Writing and Marketing is one of the most useful skills you can master.

Writing keyword rich articles is much easier than you think

But before you write a word, you need to find the right keyword phrases to target. This is the most important step. You need to identify keyword phrases that are searched for enough but don’t have too many competing pages.

If you choose a keyword phrase that has masses of competition, you will be wasting your time because you will struggle to attract enough search engine traffic. Instead, concentrate your article writing efforts on targeting keyword phrases that will give you a good chance of being ranked on the first page of Google.

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Article Writing Template – Traps and How To Escape Them

Chris Knight of EzineArticles put another article template on the EzineArticle blog yesterday. Here is one of the comments, it’s worth noting Lance Winslow said: I like this because it is indeed, a sub-genre of the Problem/solution Template. It makes sense and the article author that uses it, will find that they are speaking to … Read more