10 Things You Can Do With PLR Articles…

What can you do with private label rights articles? Anything you want to! Whatever serves you best. Here are 10 ways you could start using PLR articles today: Combine 10 articles in a single niche to create a short report for your customers. Give it away as a bonus. Include the articles in your auto-responder … Read more

Your Article Title Is Crucial – Don’t Underestimate The Power Of A Good Title

I hope you found yesterday’s article writing tip helpful. Today we’re going to talk about choosing the right title for your article. Don’t underestimate the power of a good title when it comes to getting your article read by more of your target market. The right title will grab attention, get more people reading your … Read more

Article Marketing – Want To Write More Articles Quickly?

You CAN write good articles fast. When you stop obsessing over writing perfect articles you will be able to write lots more articles much faster. To write articles quickly, you need to give yourself permission to write good enough articles. Make writing the first thing you do each day Try writing before you do anything … Read more

What Is PLR? And How To Use Private Label Rights To Write More Articles Quickly

Private label rights content, also known as PLR, is ready-made content that you can use in as many different ways as your imagination allows. Using PLR articles helps you to add quality content to your site, quickly, easily and cost effectively. If you’re building a website, or writing a blog or posting articles to article directories … Read more

Make Money Writing – Earn Money As A Ghostwriter

If you can write articles you can earn money writing as a ghostwriter If you enjoy writing articles and have dreamed about writing as a career, it’s worth looking into ghostwriting. Ghostwriting is writing books, articles, blogposts and other content anonymously for a client. The client gets theright to put their name as author and publish the writing … Read more

Article Marketing – How To Write An Article In 20 Minutes Or Less

How To Write An Article In 20 Minutes By Jim Estill It takes me only 20 minutes to write a 400-500 word article or blog post. This article (that I wrote in 20 minutes) explains some of the tricks I use to accomplish this. I started thinking seriously about this when I started blogging. Blogging … Read more

Do You Really Want To Write More Articles? Discover How To Write Articles Quickly

How Many Articles Have You Written So Far?

How many articles have you written? One, five, ten, a hundred? However many articles you’ve managed to write , you could have written a lot more articles and made a lot more money.

How do you accelerate your article writing and marketing?

The first step to accelerating your article writing is to actually schedule time for writing. If you want to write more articles, you need to put write an article into your schedule.

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Do You Want To Know How To Write Articles Fast?

I recently came across a product that promised to show how to write an article in 7 minutes or less. I read the sales page expecting to find an article spinner or rubbish PLR articles or even article theft! How can you possibly write a decent article in 7 minutes? Curiosity got the better of … Read more

How To Write Articles Faster Than You Thought Possible

Article marketing is a great traffic-generating tool, the more articles you write and get ‘out there’, the more traffic you get. But there are only 24 hours in a day and you can’t spend all your time writing articles even though article marketing is an effective strategy. How can you write more articles more quickly? … Read more

Article Writing and Marketing – What’s Holding You Back From Writing Articles?

Chalking Cash From Articles and Article Writing Secrets

What’s holding you back from making article writing and marketing work for you?

Are you too much of a perfectionist? To succeed at writing articles you need to let go of perfection.

What’s the worst thing that could happen if you write an article that isn’t perfect? Stop and think about that for a moment. It’s time to let your articles be ‘good enough’ and get them out there working as article agents bringing you website visitors and potential buyers.

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