Do You Want To Know How To Write Articles Fast?

I recently came across a product that promised to show how to write an article in 7 minutes or less. I read the sales page expecting to find an article spinner or rubbish PLR articles or even article theft!

How can you possibly write a decent article in 7 minutes?

Curiosity got the better of me, the sales page did it’s job, and I began to wonder if it was really possible to write a good article in 7 minutes and bought the product!

I wanted to check it out and see if it lived up to its hype. I decided I had nothing to lose because it came with two guarantees. The first guarantee was that if I didn’t like it at all, I could get 100% of my money back.  The second guarantee was that if I put the article system to work, and it didn’t improve my article writing speed by 65%, I would get double my money back.

There were three more reasons for ordering. Besides discovering how to write an article in 7 minutes, the author promised to show how to turn 1 article into 8 almost automatically and he offered some interesting bonuses. But it was the promise of a specific NLP technique to trigger an article writing torrent that had me really curious.

With the promised benefits, and no risk I decided to see if writing decent articles that quickly was possible. I’ve been bitten before and I didn’t expect much, given the extreme claims. But when I followed the simple article writing system I instantly increased my writing speed. I learnt some new writing techniques and wrote an article in 15 minutes instead of 30 minutes.

If you would like to more details about this fast article writing process, then go to:

By the way, he practically gives the fast article writing formula away on the sales page! If you want to write more articles faster than you ever have before I recomend that you check it out so that you can write more articles quickly.

There are some very useful videos included in the package, you’ll come away with masses of ideas for attention grabbing titles and opening paragraphs. Let me know how you get on.

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3 thoughts on “Do You Want To Know How To Write Articles Fast?

  1. That’s a very good question. It is an affiliate link and I do stand to profit if you buy. I give away a lot of good information on the site and whilst I’d like to be able to freely share all I learn I do need to make a living.

    I have actually bought the product, I never recommend anything I haven’t bought and tried myself. I know a lot about article marketing but I did learn new things and I felt that the product was worth the money I spent.

    If you don’t know me then you have no way other than the content on my blog of knowing that any recommendations I make are honest ones based on my opinion of something I have actually used.

    If you did buy it and weren’t impressed you would get your money back. The only way to really know whether or not it’s worth the money and your time is to make the investment.

    Thanks for stopping by and for engaging in conversation.

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