Have you thought about writing books and putting them on kindle but…?

If you don’t yet  publish on Kindle yet,  seriously consider it. Kindle and other publishing platforms are a great way to build streams of passive

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If you’ve thought about writing books and putting them on kindle but maybe you haven’t yet because you don’t know exactly how to do it to get the best results, think again.

Here’s the thing, publishing on Kindle works, and it’s actually really easy to do.

You don’t have to write a full length book, or have an expensive cover, you can simply write  5000 words teaching something you know how to do, convert it to a Kindle book, and start making sales .

If you just published one Kindle book a month you’d have 12 books,  in a year’s time you’d have 12 books earning royalties every month , and your income would be steadily growing each month.

Ready to get started?  http://lynnelee.com/kindleoptimization

I’ll let you in on a secret: if I had done that 7 years ago, when I started online instead of writing 500 word articles for EzineArticles and my blogs, I would be doing rather nicely, because I would have a LOT of Kindle books live right now!

Amazon isn’t just a huge marketplace, it’s also a search engine, and the people searching on Amazon are looking to buy something.

On Google, most of the searchers are just looking for information.

You’ll learn some terrific ways to get seen, and you’ll also learn how to showcase and show off your book description, but even better than that...

A couple of the bonuses are templates for your book’s front matter and back matter.

Your front matter is important because when someone looks inside your book, which they can do without buying, you want to grab their attention, and good things can happen even if they don’t buy (they can opt into your email list if you do it right).

The back matter is also important because you can further establish a relationship with someone who liked your book enough to read through to the end, and you can remind the reader to leave a review, opt into your list if they aren’t already subscribed, give them a special gift, link them to your other books, or whatever serves both you and them.

So few authors take advantage of what you’ll learn inside Kindle Optimization, that you will have a real advantage.

If you want to learn the inside details on how to make publishing on Kindle work, read this next page all the way through, take action and get started!

I’m working on my next Kindle book right now.


To your writing success,


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