Have you written many articles lately?

there-is-a-big-difference-between-trying-to-do-something-and-makin-a-decision-that-you-will-do-somethingThere is a BIG difference between TRYING to do something and making a DECISION that you WILL DO IT.  The words you use often make a BIG difference to the outcome, so does HOW you APPROACH writing.

Unless you are  intentional about writing articles, schedule time to do it, and FOCUS until your writing is complete, writing is likely to remain a dream.

So decide right now how many articles you will write and when you will write them, then DO IT!

When you stop obsessing over writing PERFECT articles you will find that you write  more articles much faster.

Decide to let writing be the first thing you do each day

Try writing BEFORE you do anything else. You’ll find words will flow more easily when your mind is uncluttered and you’re not distracted by social media and emails.

Allow yourself to write without editing, you can edit it later

Just write whatever comes, don’t edit as you write. You can edit your articles once you have done a brain dump and allowed your creative juices to flow.

Don’t obsess over finding just the right words, just let the writing flow. Make notes to yourself if need be and just keep on writing. You can check spelling and punctuation later.

Set article writing goals

Write for 30 minutes at the start of the day, download all the ideas that have come to you while you have been sleeping.

Take one of your article ideas and set yourself a challenge to write a complete article in 30 minutes. When you write to a deadline it helps you to focus.

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