How To Become A Best Selling Author

Have you considered repurposing your articles and collecting them together to create a book?

It’s much easier to write and publish a book than you think, and being an author will give you massive credibility.

If you’ve written a book or are thinking about writing a book I highly recommend you listen in to these virtual workshops so that you can avoid the mistakes that many authors make when publishing their books online.  You can join in from the comfort of home… I’m planning to be there.

Discover what to do and what not to do, avoid making costly mistakes and discover the strategies you need to help you sell more books.

Kathleen Gage shares how to Become an Online Bestselling Author in Today’s Crowded Author’s Market

Denise Wakeman shares the secret to Author Blog Success and how to dominate your Niche with a Book Blog!

Connie Ragen Green shares a key strategy for repurposing your existing content to become a Bestselling Author!

Felicia Slattery reveals how to leverage the top 5 places authors are invited to speak about their books!

Brian Jud shares strategies selling more books to non-bookstore buyers!

Lynne Klippel ways to easily create products beyond your book.

Jill Lublin shares powerful strategies for getting your name from unknown to newsworthy in almost no time!

Marnie Pehrson shares ways to Create a Buzz About Your Book

Penny Sansevieri shares how to maximize and monetize your social media with Fans, Friends, and Followers

Steven E Schmitt helps authors around the world become bestsellers and he will be shariung how he does it.

Dana Lynn Smith reveals The Secrets to Planning a Profitable Virtual Book Tour

It’s not too late to grab your seat Book Marketing Conference Online Access Pass…

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