How To Create a List Of Eager Buyers Rather Than A List Of Passive Subcribers

How To Create A “Buyers Only” List By Jimmy D. Brown,

Content is king. It gets to wear the crown. And sit on the throne. And rule the world. When it comes to establishing credibility, gaining trust and producing sales, content is royalty.

While I would never suggest abandoning the concept of delivering high quality content to your subscribers, there is another type of list composed of subscribers who couldn’t care less about content.

What is this type of list?”  The “announcement list”.

I’ve been teaching about the “announcement” list since at least 2002 (on record at an event). And, yet, it’s a widely untapped asset in most email marketing circles.

The main reason is: nobody’s teaching it. And so, nobody knows anything about it, let alone how to effectively create one of these lists.

So, we’re going to revisit it.

What Is An “Announcement” List?

DEFINED: An announcement list is a list whose sole purpose is to “announce” (I.E. Inform, notify) when something new is available for review, consumption or purchase.

In other words, it unapologetically says, “Hey, I just released XYZ. Come check it out!”

Now, at first glance you may be thinking, “Who would join a list that offers no content and only sales pitch?”

If you say it that way, it doesn’t sound too good to me either! That’s why you don’t say it that way. Let’s take a look at HOW to “say it”…

How About An Example “Announcement” List?

If you go to this site you’ll find a textbook example of this concept. PLRSO stands for “Private Label Rights Special Offers” I established this list for the sole purpose of informing people anytime I have a new PLR offer available for them to buy.

That’s it.

I don’t send out ezine articles to them. No newsletters. They don’t get blog posts. There aren’t any special reports. No content of any kind. What they get, in essence, are sales messages.

And there are already 2,822 subscribers, many of which have already purchased some of the PLR special offers that have been “announced” to the list.

Why does it work? Let me give you plenty of reasons…

  1. I took something that was “in-demand” (PLR) and I allow people to get a head-start on the world by knowing about new releases FIRST by joining this list.
  2. It’s not billed as an “announcement list”, but rather a “Free PLR Club”. Big, big difference in perception.
  3. It has it’s own domain name, further adding to the perceived value and importance to those who join.
  4. There is no requirement to buy once you join. Buy the offers that you want, pass on the ones you don’t want.
  5. A cost example is provided to show what you can buy immediately, further illustrating the value of the complimentary “membership”.

And here’s the big twist that makes this idea of creating an “announcement” list a complete no-brainer…I allow my affiliates to “give away” no cost memberships to the PLRSO club!

When someone they refer buys one of the offers, they earn a commission. And I get other people to promote and build my list for me. We all win.

So, you may be thinking…

What Kind Of “Announcement” List can I Build?

There are a wide variety of “announcement” lists that you can build. Let’s briefly look at ten of them…

PLR List. You can swipe my idea and create a list of private label rights buyers.

  • New Offers List. Build a list of people who love your work and want to be notified any time you have a new offer available.
  • Pre-Launch List. Create buzz and anticipation for an upcoming new product release by building a pre-launch list several weeks (even months) in advance.
  • Ezine Publishers List. Build a list of publishers who want to know any time you have a new ezine article that is available for reprint in their ezines.
  • Bloggers List. Another idea is to allow bloggers who are looking for ready-made content to post to their blogs.
  • Industry News List. How about becoming the “go to” guy or gal to share breaking news about your industry?
  • Joint Venture List. Develop a list of partners and affiliates who are ready to promote anytime you have a new offer.
  • Incentives List. Here’s a great idea – create a list of people who you offer “incentives” to when they purchase someone else’s new product through YOUR affiliate link.
  • Freebie List. Regularly give away rebrandable content (reports, articles, videos, etc.) to these subscribers to earn commissions.

While all ten of these lists aren’t necessarily “buyers” up front, they each can certainly lead to buyers and revenue for you if you implement them.

Content is king. But let’s not forget that there are alot of queens, princes, dukes and earls out there too.

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