Keyword Research Tools – Do Keyword Research Before You Write Your Articles

Don’t Skimp On Keyword Research When Writing Articles

Make sure you investigate keywords before you write your articles. Spend time investigating profitable keywords to
use in your articles.  Here are some keyword research tools to help you find good keywords for your articles:

Free keyword research tools

Seobook bases it’s results on the Wordtracker keyword suggestion tool

Google Suggest – as you type, Google offers suggestions

The Overture Keyword Reasearch Tool is a useful tool for finding keywords. You can easily see how many times a keyword phrase is searched for each month. But it isn’t always available and hasn’t been updated in a long while.

Wordtracker free keyword research tool

Top word is a free tool that analyzes a web page and gives you a count of the key words, and keyword phrases. It also analyses your meta tag descriptions, keywords and title tags. This tool is helpful  for helping you to see what you need to do to optimize the page for the search engines.

Wordtracker keyword research guide It’s worth reading, you’ll find lots of useful strategies to help you find more keywords.

For fee keyword research tools

If you’re serious about making money from writing articles, I suggest thst you consider paying for more powerful keyword research tools.

The Wordtracker paid tool is much more powerful than the free version.

Keyword Elite Quickly generates 1000’s of keywords to help you write keyword rich articles.

And here is a short cut for you

Article Underground lots of keyword rich articles – the research is already done for you

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