Make Money With Articles – How To Use Articles To Make Money In 5 Easy Steps

You can write articles to market any product, service or affiliate programme. Marketing with articles is easy once you know the steps.

If you’d like to go from knowing that article writing and marketing involves

  • writing an article
  • including an offer in the resource box at the end of your article
  • and convincing editors to publish your article

to knowing how to use your articles for marketing, I invite you to download How To Make Money With Articles. All you need to do is put your name and email address in the box at the top right hand side of my blog and you’ll have access to your free making money with articles guide in minutes.

There are links to 3 more free downloads in your guide:

  • 5 Steps To A Small Report
  • Create An E-Course In One Day
  • Triple Your Opt In Requests

These first 2 guides show you how to create short reports and e-courses from your articles. The third guide shows you how to get more people to opt into your offers.

These guides are my gift to you. They’re by way of saying thank you for visiting my blog and taking time to read my articles.

What are you waiting for? Download the guides and follow the steps so that you can start making making money with your articles too.

Here’s to your success,


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