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People keep asking me how they can put all the pieces together and succeed at online marketing. They’ve seen me build successful websites and blogs that get visitors and make money, and want to know how they can have a website that appears on the first page of search engine results.

  • What do I need to do to have a website that gets a lot of traffic?
  • How can I make money online?
  • I can’t afford to pay someone to build a website for me and I’m not very technical, what can you suggest?
  • Will you show me how you  did it?

Quite frankly, there isn’t enough of me to go round. I don’t have time to take everyone by the hand and show them how, and being successful online takes more work than most people are prepared to put in. It’s really easy to start a blog, anyone can do it. But creating a profitable website that gets lots of search engine traffic isn’t easy if you’ve never done it before, unless of course, you have someone alongside showing you what to do and how to do it.

A Practical Solution That Almost Guarantees Success

If you want to build a successful online business without getting lost in technical details, there is a practical, affordable solution. 

I wanted a website to help me launch my business and searched for an economical option. After a lot of searching, I decided that the only solution that fitted my budget was to build my own website. I had no technical skills other than being able to use a computer and search effectively on the internet and it was hard, I almost gave up hope of ever having a website. Then I discovered Site Build It

I started reading the free books that SBI offer and knew that I’d found a solution. The books introduced me to Ken Evoy who is passionate about helping ordinary people build successful online businesses. He knows that the technical details of building a website are a huge obstacle for most people, so he freely shares his knowledge and created a service that automates much of the website building process.

SBI makes it possible for people who aren’t technically minded to build a website that is fully optimised for search engines. Instead of being at the mercy of web designers who can build beautiful websites but know little about search engine optimization, you can build your own highly effective, income generating  website, even if you don’t have technical skills.

How To Build A profitable Online Business

Site Build It includes a comprehensive action guide  that leads you through every step of building a profitable website. You can either read the guide or watch the videos, whatever suits your learning style best.SBI has a simple formula referred to as CTPM. 

  • Content – Create in demand content
  • Traffic –  attract Targeted traffic
  • Presell – Presell your visitors
  • Monetise – Monetise presold traffic

Making your content presell is simply the process of building a relationship with your website visitors. That means giving them good, useful information rather than trying to sell to them. People visit my sites looking for specific information or the solution to a problem and that’s what I provide. I sincerely hope you never feel sold to when you visit my sites.

I don’t sell to people. Monetisation occurs when visitors click on an ad or buy products I recommend that will help them to do what they were searching for. I only ever recommend things that I either use myself or have heard good reports about. When you can be relied on to do that, you become a trusted source of information and people will return to your site again and again.

The hardest part of the process for most blog and website owners is building an ever increasing stream of traffic. And without traffic, your site might as well not be there. If hardly anyone visits your website, you won’t make money.

One of the many reasons I like Site Build It is that it has integrated tools to help reduce your chances of making crucial mistakes, such as building a website around a niche that isn’t very popular.There are videos and clear instructions to help you succeed at every stage of the process. There is also an active Site Build It members-only forum where thousands of members share valuable tips and advice. Ken Evoy answers posts too. He is very hands on. There is help every step of the way. In addition to the forums, where there are thousands of posts moderated by in-house editorial staff, there is unlimited customer support.

I’d be lying if I said that using Site Build It to build your website will guarantee your success. Even with the tools that Site Build It provides, there’s no guarantee of success. It takes a huge amount of commitment and effort to build a successful online business. But using the SBI tools and following the comprehensive action guide will significantly increase your odds of success. The big benefit of Site Build It is that it provides all the tools, knowledge, guidance, and coaching you need to help you stay focused on the action steps needed to succeed.

Site Build It begins by providing easy-to-use research tools to help you work out what niche to focus on. A lot of people fail to make money online because they create sites that are destined to failure from the outset. If you choose a niche where there’s little demand, you won’t get much traffic even if you do everything right. Site Build It helps you avoid that basic error by leading you through the process of discovering profitable keywords.

Why Do I Need To Use Site Build It

If you already have a successful online business that generates a decent income, you probably don’t need Site Build It unless you have another website in mind. But you might want to join the affiliate program and give yourself an extra passive income stream. It’s described as one of the best affiliate programs around.  But if  

  • You’re new to online business
  • You’ve already tried and failed
  • You’re struggling to build traffic and generate income

Then I highly recommend that you take a look at Site Build It. You don’t have to build your web pages from scratch using HTML. SBI provides templates and point-and-click tools to help you generate your pages quickly and easily. This means that you can focus on writing your content instead of trying to get to grips with technology.

All the Tools, Training, and Support You Need to Build A Profitable Website

The Site Build It package includes all the tools you need to help you build a successful online business, including:

  • Keyword research tools
  • Market research
  • Domain name registration
  • Web site hosting
  • Customizable templates
  • Point-and-click page creation
  • Site blog
  • Traffic stats and analysis
  • Search engine optimization
  • Auto-responders
  • Newsletter management
  • Form builder
  • Graphic manager
  • Search engine submission
  • Sitemaps
  • RSS feeds
  • Web mail

This is only a selection of the tools included in the site build it package.Everything is fully integrated, you don’t need to be a technical whiz; SBI handles it all for you so that you can focus on creating great content instead of worrying about how to do everything. Site Build It is an all-in-one solution for building a successful online business. They continually add new tools and refine existing tools to keep the service top notch.

How To Get Started

I encourage you to take a look at Site Build It to see if it is the tool you need to help you towards online success.  Start with the SBI home page, and watch the short video there, or go straight to the longer video tour that will help you to see exactly what SBI can do for you. It shows you how the tools and monetization strategies work and gives you real website examples to give you a good idea of what you can achieve using SBI. If you’d like to see what other peopel have done, take a look at the success story videos or in-depth case studies.

Site Build It comes with a full money back guarantee, so there’s no risk. You can test drive it for 30 days and if you decide it’s not the tool for you, you will get a full refund. If you ask for a refund and you’ve already registered a domain name through Site Build It, you can even keep your new domain for free.

Does Site Build It Really Deliver?

Yes, if you follow the steps and put the work in you can get very good results. My first website appeared on the first page of Google within 6 weeks of starting to build it and has been at number on in Google for many months now. If you put Christian life coaching or Christian life coach into the Google search box, you’ll see that my website is listed first.

I used the principles learned in SBI to help me get the article writing and marketing blog in first place in search results within 4 weeks of starting. If you put article writing and marketing in the Google search box, you’ll find this blog in first position, above other sites that have been around for a while.SBI gives you everything you need to build websites that appear on the first page of search engine results.

If you want a website that gets a steadily increasing flow of traffic, SBI will help you to build it. You can’t earn money online if you don’t have traffic. If you get traffic, you’ll have an opportunity to make some money. The more traffic you have, the more money you can make. For most people building traffic is the key, and this is where Site Build It shines.

So, if you want to learn how to build a real online business, stay away from the get-rich-quick schemes and take a look at SBI. They have a proven track record, they have been helping people to build profitable websites for about 10 years. Site Build It will help you to build a website that gets more than its fair share of traffic and earns you money without costing you an arm and a leg.

Become a Site Build It Affiliate

Site Build It has a generous affiliate programs. if you already have a website and are looking for an additional source of income, this is a scheme worth joining. You can become a Site Build It affiliate even if you never buy Site Build It.If you’re interested in learning more about the Site Build It affiliate program, visit the affiliate centre and check out the commission structure. It’s free to join as an affiliate and there are lots of valuable free books for you to brand with your affiliate link and give away.If you’d like to take a look at some of the resources that SBI offer it affiliates, here’s the link to the free downloads

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