Publishing On Kindle And Nook And Other Mobile Platforms

Everybody’s talking about the profits that can be made publishing on Kindle these days.

There are profits being earned right now, by people like you, publishing on e-readers and mobile platforms. But the truth is that many of the “systems” and “trainings” you see all over the Web are unlikely to work for long.

I’ve found a group of people who really “get it.” They’re dedicated to helping you build and publish information products for new media pubication — including books, audio programs, video programs and even mobile apps — in a supportive mastermind setting that provides you with all the resources, contacts and training you need to make money publishing on new media today.

They’ve even launched a specialized publishing company devoted to publishing the works created through this mastermind.

And — in case you’re wondering — the cost to join this exclusive mastermind is unbelievably low if you jump in straight away.

Membership is limited and they will close the doors soon, then there will be a waiting list instead of an open door. I joined and I highly recommend you check this publishing opportunity out right now.

You’ll find all the details here

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