Quality PLR And Ideas For Using PLR Products In Your Business

What is PLR?

Private label rights, also known as PLR, is ready-made content that you can use in as many different ways as your imagination allows. Using PLR helps you to add quality content to your site, quickly, easily and cost effectively.

When you buy PLR you buy the rights to use the content in any way you like. PLR is a useful, cost effective way to add interesting, search engine friendly content to your website without needing to write everything yourself.

You will find it easier to create your own products and write more articles quickly when you use well written articles as a springboard. There is a lot of sub standard plr material around but I have discovered sources that offer excellent private label right articles and reports at sensible prices.

Nicole Dean Easy PLR – I have never been disappointed by the plr articles and reports available here

Personal Development PLR 

Free PLR Articles to give you a taste of the power of using PLR in your business

I have no hesitation in recommending this PLR to you. I use their products and am always delighted at the quality and value.

Here are some ideas for using PLR products.

  • Edit the article, reports and Ebooks to make them uniquely yours. You can add information or take excerpts and combine them with other information to create your own original info products to sell.
  • Chunk the material down and rewrite it a little to create unique ezine articles
  • Create rebrandable reports to sell or give away
  • Use the info for blog posts or in you autoresponder mailings
  • Sell the reports and Ebooks as they are – though I highly recommend some tweaking and a unique title, it’s better to edit them and turn them into your own original product.
  • Turn the information into an audio product – record yourself reading the content and create mp3 audio products to sell online, or burn your recordings to CD and create physical products.
  • Add the reports and Ebooks to a membership site.  If you break them down into articles, you will have masses of great content ready to add week after week.
  • Host a teleseminar. Use the content as a starting point for a teleseminar. This could be free calls to use as lead generators, or offer as a bonus or paid calls.
  • Create short YouTube videos.
  • Use them yourself.  You can also read these excellent resources and put the information to use in your business.

Video showing you how to use Done-for-You Content to Create Your Free Offer quickly so you can start growing your subscriber list

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5 thoughts on “Quality PLR And Ideas For Using PLR Products In Your Business

  1. I agree, PLR has a bad name in some quarters but good PLR used in the right way is a big help in providing relevant quality content quickly.

    The ‘right way’ to use PLR is to rewrite it and create a unique article that echoes your own voice.

  2. There is no question that PLR is great for creating quick content, but it must be balanced with high quality custom written, niche specific content. PLR offers good value, but outsourcing a few articles to a professional content writer can be a worthwhile investment.

  3. Great post, when you see how to use PLR the right way, the internet becomes a “real” treasure chest of content just waiting for you to use your creativity and make it your own.

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