Repurpose Your Articles – Make Each Article Work Hard For You

Are you struggling with writing articles? My hope is that this article will help you to see article writing in a new light and realise that writing articles is worth the time and effort.

Once you have written an article, make it work hard for you.

Just write what you know

What is an article? It could be a few short paragraphs, A short introduction followed by a few bullet points and a conclusion, or it could be more than that. It doesn’t have to be an essay, or a masterpiece. What you are reading now is an article. You can do this!

Ezine, Ecourses

If you have a web site or blog and no way to collect the email addresses of your vistors, you are losing a lot of potential customers. You could use your articles in an ezine (online newsletter), or collect articles on a simailar theme and create an ecourse. Now you have something useful to offer your vistors in exchange for their email address. Each ezine ‘article’ could be as simple as a useful tip and call to action. Make sure you send it out out at least once a month, preferably more often.

Article Directories

If your article is 300 words or more you can put it in article directories like People can then use your aticle in their Ezine or on their web site along with your author’s resource box and a link back to your web site.

Print your best articles

Each year, put your best articles in a newsletter and send it out by snail mail. Your articles could become your brochure.

Put an article on your business stationary, along with a short bio and your picture. Send the article to your clients, prospective clients, or friends. Include a short handwritten note with the article. Something simple like, “I thought you’d be interested to see this…”

Carry your articles with you in a folder with business cards and other promotional materials. Hand out an article with your business card. People are much more likely to take notice, especially if you have written a helpful article.

Create a list of different ways you can use your articles. Do it now and then write an article and repurpose it.

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