Success With Article Marketing Begins With Keyword Research

Keyword rich articles are a proven strategy for getting free search engine traffic to your website or blog. Once you can write your own search engine traffic generating articles you have the key to masses of free search engine traffic. Article Writing and Marketing is one of the most useful skills you can master.

Writing keyword rich articles is much easier than you think

But before you write a word, you need to find the right keyword phrases to target. This is the most important step. You need to identify keyword phrases that are searched for enough but don’t have too many competing pages.

If you choose a keyword phrase that has masses of competition, you will be wasting your time because you will struggle to attract enough search engine traffic. Instead, concentrate your article writing efforts on targeting keyword phrases that will give you a good chance of being ranked on the first page of Google.

Choose a keyword phrase that is searched for enough to make writing the article worthwhile, but doesn’t yet have a lot of competition

You will find it easier to get your article ranked on the first page of Google quickly if you choose longer keyword phrases. To research keywords you could use the free Wordtracker tool that shows Google trends. This version of the free Wordtracker tool suggests related keywords, and also shows how many competing pages there are. Or you could use the Google AdWords tool. It will give you a lot of information and suggest many alternative keywords.

Alternatively you could pay to use a more powerful keyword research tool that will take the slog out of discovering keywords that will make you money. Nichebot offers a $1 trial and they have video tutorials that show you how to do effective keyword research.

When identifying keyword phrases worth targeting, look for keywords that lend themselves to creating a good title. The title is crucial when you’re writing articles with a view to getting on the first page of Google so that you can get lots of free search engine traffic. Read How To Get More People To Read Your Articles  to see the difference a title can make.

You also need to get the title right if want to experience the viral effect of article writing. You need an article title that contains your keyword phrase and promises really useful information.

Action Steps

  • Create keyword rich benefit laden titles
  • Write 400 – 500 word articles focused around each keyword phrase
  • Edit your article and article title
  • Submit your articles to article directories

If you follow these steps you will get a steadily increasing flow of free search engine traffic to your site.

If you want to make your articles work even harder, then use an article submission service. Article Marketer will submit your article to hundreds of sites and save you  lots of time and effort, and they have a very special Christmas price.

If you hate the thought of doing keyword research or don’t know how to find good keywords, I offer a keyword research service, you’ll find details here

If you’re a coach or counsellor, you can download your best keywords immediately, I’ve already done the research for you. If you’d rather not do the keyword research yourself, take a look at

Now, go and write some more articles and start driving even more visitors to your site so that you can make even more money.

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