Article Writing Template – Traps and How To Escape Them

Chris Knight of EzineArticles put another article template on the EzineArticle blog yesterday. Here is one of the comments, it’s worth noting Lance Winslow said: I like this because it is indeed, a sub-genre of the Problem/solution Template. It makes sense and the article author that uses it, will find that they are speaking to … Read more

Little or No Original Content? You could be in trouble with Google

If your site has little or no original content you will find yourself in trouble with Google. Here is what Google has to say about little or no original content: One of the most important steps in improving your site’s ranking in Google search results is to ensure that it contains plenty of rich information that … Read more

Do You Really Want To Write More Articles? Discover How To Write Articles Quickly

How Many Articles Have You Written So Far?

How many articles have you written? One, five, ten, a hundred? However many articles you’ve managed to write , you could have written a lot more articles and made a lot more money.

How do you accelerate your article writing and marketing?

The first step to accelerating your article writing is to actually schedule time for writing. If you want to write more articles, you need to put write an article into your schedule.

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Article Writing and Marketing – What’s Holding You Back From Writing Articles?

Chalking Cash From Articles and Article Writing Secrets

What’s holding you back from making article writing and marketing work for you?

Are you too much of a perfectionist? To succeed at writing articles you need to let go of perfection.

What’s the worst thing that could happen if you write an article that isn’t perfect? Stop and think about that for a moment. It’s time to let your articles be ‘good enough’ and get them out there working as article agents bringing you website visitors and potential buyers.

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Article Writing Help – What Your Article Needs

Your article needs to persuade your reader to spend time reading it and read it all the way through. You need to grab their attention straight away and then keep their attention until the end of your resource box.

You could begin your article with an interesting fact or shocking statistic, or simply tell your reader exactly what they will know or be able to do by the end of your article.

  • “By the end of this article you will know exactly how to write articles that sell.”

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Article Writing Help – Don’t Make This Article Writing Mistake

When you’re writing articles don’t use difficult words and phrases and whatever you do, don’t sound formal or pompous.

People don’t respond well to jargon or long words, they pefer simple language that they don’t have to think to understand. One or two syllable-words work much better than longer ones.

When you use simple language, you make it easier for your readers to ‘buy.’  Don’t attempt to impress your readers with long words; they sound unnatual and create a barrier. 

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Article Writing – How Do I Get Started Writing Articles?

 What Do I Write About?

You’ll find it much easier to write articles when you know a lot about the subject you’re writing about. If you always write about what you know you’ll find it much easier to write articles quickly.

What do you know most about?

Everybody is an expert at something. If you know more than someone else about a topic, to them, you are an expert.

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Article Writing – Writing Can Be A Lonely Life

Writing can be a lonely life. No one can join you staring at a blank computer screen and there are few people who can help you to develop your article writing ideas. It’s all down to you. You are the one who is responsible for writing the articles and making sure that the words flow.

But their are advantages. You can write where and when you want. You can write a first draft anywhere. I wrote the last three articles while waiting to have blood tests done!

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Article Writing – Getting Started With Writing Articles

Writing articles is easy. If you can write a “newsy” letter, or tell your friend how to grow plants from seed, or explain how to potty train a toddler, you can write articles.

It really doesn’t matter that you weren’t much good at writing essays because article writing isn’t academic writing – you just need to be able to write clearly.

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Article Writing – Use Articles To Promote Your New Website And Get More Visitors

How To Promote A New Website Using Articles – A Step by step guide

How do you get vistors to your new website?

When I start a new website or blog, the first thing I do to announce it to the world and start driving traffic, is write articles and post them on article directories.

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Article Marketing: 5 Ways To Avoid Article Rejection

Writing articles is an effective way to promote your website and build your credibility. Article writing and marketing is relatively easy to do and the reward of getting more visitors to your website is well worth the effort of getting your article marketing efforts right teh first time around.

This article by guest author Mike Adams will help you to make sure that your articles are accepted for publication in article directories. Here’s to your article writing success.

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Article Writing and Marketing – Why Use Articles For Marketing?

Articles are a great way of promoting your website, products or services. Articles give readers an opportunity to get to know you and lead people back to your site for more information. They are a great showcase for your expertise. That’s why so many people recommend article writing; articles help you to get more visitors to your site, build your list of subscribers and boost your income.

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