Article Writing and Marketing 90 Second Audio Training Clips

90 Second Audio Training clips for article writers and  marketers from Ezine Articles. This series is full of helpful tips and strategies for successful article writing and marketing.

This is what you’ll find in the EzineArticles 90 Strategies Audio Training Series:

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Repurpose Your Articles And Maximize Your Article Marketing Results

Where can you use your articles other than article directories and on your blog? There are lots of ways to use your articles other than submitting them to articles directories and putting them on your blog. Two of the main options are Squidoo lenses and Hub Pages. It’s easy to set up a Squidoo lens … Read more

Great Ideas For Effective Ezine Articles

 How To Get Free Traffic With Ezine Articles

Jimmy D Brown has a wealth of experience, produces great resources and and is full of good ideas. here is a taste of what he offers.

7 Great Ideas For Your Next Ezine Article By Jimmy D. Brown

Writing ezine articles is one of the best business-building activities you’ll ever invest time in on the Internet. Articles can be used in dozens of different ways to generate web site traffic, build lists, brand your name, earn affiliate commissions and produce sales of your products and services.

Articles are, unquestionably, a vital part of any successful Internet marketing campaign.

By now – if you’ve read anything in the member’s area – you know I’m a big believer in writing ezine articles. And you know that I’ve devoted many of the lessons in the member’s area toward teaching you how to write, distribute and market with them.

Yet there still remains a lingering question –

WHAT should I write about in my ezine articles?

I want to share with you some brainstorming ideas that will allow you to easily come up with a couple dozen (or more) hot ideas for your upcoming ezine articles. I’m going to briefly share seven (7) fill-in-the-blank article starters along with a brief explanation to help you get started writing attention-grabbing content.

When you’re ready to write your next ezine article, consider one of these not-yet-overused formulas…

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Article Marketing and Twitter – Get Even More Viewers To Your Articles With Twitter and Ezine Articles

If you don’t use Twitter it’s time to start. Twitter will help you to get even more views for your articles, especially if you have an Ezine Articles account.

Christopher Knight of Ezine Articles, has introduced the directory of Ezine Articles Expert Authors who use Twitter.

Over 400 members have already signed up to let them “auto-tweet” for them whenever they have a new article accepted at Ezine Articles.

If you haven’t got a Twitter Account

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