Article Marketing Is A Powerful Search Engine Optimization Strategy

Article marketing and search engine optimization work well together and are a powerful combination. When people search online, they use what are known as keywords to find the information they want. Different people use different keywords to search for the same thing. One person looking for information to help them get on the first page … Read more

Article Writing For SEO – Use Article Marketing To Boost Your Search Engine Position And Get More Visitors

Article marketing is a proven cost effective SEO tool for businesses of any size in any niche. Once you know how to make article marketing work for your business you will significantly increase visitor numbers and climb in the search engine rankings. What is article marketing? Article marketing is simply writing articles about your field of … Read more

Blogging – Don’t Get Stuck Reporting – If You Want To Make More Money, Be An Expert

There are two types of bloggers in the world – reporters and experts – some people manage both roles (usually the experts, it’s hard for reporters to become experts, it’s easier for experts to report).

If you have ever taken an Internet marketing course or attended a seminar specifically for beginners, you have probably heard of the two different methods. When the business model is based on content, and if you blog for money, then you are taught to either start as a reporters or as an expert.

You want to be the expert

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