Article Writing – How Do I Get Started Writing Articles?

 What Do I Write About?

You’ll find it much easier to write articles when you know a lot about the subject you’re writing about. If you always write about what you know you’ll find it much easier to write articles quickly.

What do you know most about?

Everybody is an expert at something. If you know more than someone else about a topic, to them, you are an expert.

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Article Writing – Getting Started With Writing Articles

Writing articles is easy. If you can write a “newsy” letter, or tell your friend how to grow plants from seed, or explain how to potty train a toddler, you can write articles.

It really doesn’t matter that you weren’t much good at writing essays because article writing isn’t academic writing – you just need to be able to write clearly.

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Article Writing and Marketing – How Can You Write Articles If You Struggle To Write?

If you’ve visited my blog before you already know that writing and posting articles are an effective way of getting people to visit your website.

Articles help

  • search engine rankings by improving search engine results for particular keywords and phrases
  • to attract more website visitors from the link in your resource box from another website, blog or email
  • to give you more credibility

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Article Writing Resource

If you’d like to produce great content quickly without writing every word yourself, I’ve discovered a great resouce for well written articles that you can use in any way you want.

It has an ever-growing, fully-searchable niche article database. Whenever you need an article you can search the article database by keyword, by favourite “original author”, or by top-rated article. Alternatively you can simply browse the 40+ content categories to find the article you want within seconds!

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