Targeting the Right Keywords Is Crucial To Your Article Marketing Success

Even a great article is little use if nobody reads it! If you want to reach your target audience, you have to use the right keywords in your articles. Keywords are very important, If you want your target market to find and read your articles you must target the right keyword phrases.

Your goal in keyword research is to find the words people are using to search for what you have to offer and then use those keywords in all the right places in your articles. You have to use the same language that your target audience use. Here are some tips on how to find the right keywords.

Don’t guess what the best keywords are, find out by doing keyword research. It’s worth doing right, success hinges on it. Here is a link to the keyword reearch tool I am using now,

If it’s more than you need right now,  then use Keyword Elite or Keyword Disovery. The time you invest in digging out the words that your target market use is time well invested.

Write your articles with your keywords in mind

Write your articles with your target market in mind. Speak the language that your audience speaks, put yourself in their position and use the words they use. Use the specific keyword phrases you discover when you write your articles.

Use the words they use when they are in a hurry and searching for something to solve their problem.  Remember, most of the people who search on the internet are looking for an instant solution. When you write your articles, picture your audience who are urgently seeking what you have on offer.

People often type their problem into the search box, use keyword phrases that ask questions and make sure that your article has the answer, or at least part of the answer.

If you want to make sure that people find and read your articles, use the keywords they use to search. If your article is relevant to the search query you will climb quickly in the search engines, and once your article is featured on the first page of Google you will get even more readers and subsequent sales. 

If you want to make sure that more people read your articles more of the time, seriously consider investing in Article Stars. I now have many more of my articles featured on the first page of search results, and I owe the latest increases to the tips in Article Stars

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3 thoughts on “Targeting the Right Keywords Is Crucial To Your Article Marketing Success

  1. Excellent article. Took me a year to realise how important keyword research is to your success online when I first started out.

    Great place to use keyword too is in your article header and anchor links out of your article too.

    Great write up and thanks for the info Lynne


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