What Is PLR? And How To Use Private Label Rights To Write More Articles Quickly

Private label rights content, also known as PLR, is ready-made content that you can use in as many different ways as your imagination allows. Using PLR articles helps you to add quality content to your site, quickly, easily and cost effectively.

If you’re building a website, or writing a blog or posting articles to article directories for traffic and backlinks, you need a lot of quality articles to be effective. It can be time-consuming trying to research and write lots of articles by yourself. You can hire writers at Elance but the results aren’t always what you hoped and it can work out expensive. PLR content can help you to write more articles, quickly.

When you buy PLR articles you buy the rights to use the articles in any way you like. You can post the PLR content to your website or blog or use the PLR articles to create a special report that you can sell or give away for free to boost the size of your subscriber list. You could also create an e-course from the articles and use the e-course as another way to grow your subscriber list.

PLR articles, are a useful, cost effective way to add interesting, search engine friendly content to your website.

If you need a lot of articles, PLR is a useful shortcut

There are websites that provide well researched private label rights articles that are well written. These membership sites enable you to acquire hundreds of PLR articles without breaking the bank. They are a bargain for the quality of article you get.

If you want to avoid using articles that thousands of other sites are using, I recommend using membership sites where the number of users is limited, and that you make sure you give the articles a different title and rewrite them a little to make them unique to you.

If you use PLR membership sites, I strongly recommend that you re-write the articles

You need to tweak the articles and optimize them to help search engines find them and give them a better chance of being ranked on the first pages of search engine results. Spend a little time making your articles unique.

If you use PLR articles it’s best to use them as a springboard for your own writing. The more original your article becomes, the more likely you are to have good results.

If you take time to edit private label rights articles, you’ll be way ahead of people who leave the articles untouched or just write a brief introduction and add a short comment at the end.

You could give the articles a new title and rewrite up to 40% of the article content or just use the articles for inspiration and totally rewrite them. Choose whatever will help you the most.

If you’d like a free taste of PLR click this link, Jimmy D Brown is giving way quality Private Label Rights

Using PLR articles is easier than writing articles from scratch

You’ll find that using PLR articles is much easier than writing lots of new articles from scratch, it takes less time to improve existing articles. Try it and see for yourself.

Don’t be tempted to skimp on quality for the sake of quantity. Make sure you give your readers good information and they will subscribe to your blog feed and return to read further articles. They might also recommend your articles to other people and link to them from their website or blog.

What about duplicate content?

If you follow the guidelines in my article and give your articles a different title and rewrite them a little you have nothing to be concerned about.

However, if you buy PLR articles and use them without making changes, your articles won’t be accepted by article directories and probably won’t be indexed by the search engines

Search engines are looking for unique content, so make your article unique by giving them a new title and rewriting them.

Where to find good sources of PLR articles


The site provides lots of details, instructions and a forum for members. This is a brilliant site with lots of products in the rough, video training and help to make a success of affiliate marketing. I belong to this one and highly recommend it.

Self  Help PLR – quality plr that you could easily use as is

Nicole Dean Easy PLR – I have never been disappointed by the plr articles and reports available here

Article Underground

If you want your web pages to get more free search engine traffic, the articles at article underground are keyword optimized to help you build website traffic fast. Mike Liebner provides some excellent training too.

A reminder of what you can do with PLR articles

  • Change the content in any way you like to suit your needs
  • Create  new, original articles
  • Build backlinks to your website, very important for SEO
  • Build keyword-rich content websites
  • Use several articles to create an ebook or ecourse
  • Compile a special report for your visitors
  • Rewrite the articles and add links to promote affiliate products
  • Create audio
  • Claim authorship
  • Position yourself as an expert

You can do anything you like with them and claim authorship, that’s the beauty of PLR articles

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  1. The quality of the PLR is extremely important. I’ve seen some pretty bad PLR out there. That’s what inspired me to start writing my own PLR products for other poeple.

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