Winning Article Titles – What Makes A Good Article Title?

Connie Ragen Green from EBook Writing and Marketing Secrets sent me an update from Ezine Articles today. It listed articles written a year ago in the writing articles category.

She said, ” The first one had a great title – and it is yours!”

You Can Write Articles For Publicity and Profit – Writing Articles Is Much Easier Than You Think

On the face of it, this is a good title, it makes you want to read on. The main keyword phrase write articles is within the first four words – important for SEO. If I were submitting this article now, I would probably drop the first two words and make it

  • Write Articles For Publicity and Profit – Writing Articles Is Easier Than You Think

This modified title is tighter and it opens with the keyword phrase.

I might even use

  • Marketing Strategies – Write Articles For Publicity And Profit – Wrting Articles Is Easier Than You Think

because I know that long article titles work.

Successful article marketing requires you to get your title right, especially the first four words of your article title. You need to make good use of the first few words. When the search engines are looking for relevant results, if they don’t see relevant keywords in the first few words, they’re off and you’ve missed your chance to rank highly.

Spot what’s wrong with these article titles – all submitted and accepted in Ezine Articles today

  • What Are Call Records & Call Logs?
  • Help Is Available When You Experience The Tragedy Of A Motorcycle Accident
  • Implementing a Proper Standard for Writing Comments in Blogs

Apart from anything else, the keywords are buried at the end

  • How to Build A Profitable Information Empire With Your Articles

This title looks good on the face of it, but it’s not a good title if you’re looking to win the search engine war.

It’s easy to make it more search engine friendly just add keywords to the beginning

  • Article Income Secrets – How to Build A Profitable Information Empire With Your Articles 

Don’t waste the first few words of your title

  • How to Build A…
  • My top ten tips for…
  • Do you make these mistakes with…

Make sure your put your keywords at the start of the title and try to get them in again towards the end.

Take a look at the articles you’ve written and see how you can improve your article titles and have more success with article marketing.

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