Write Articles That People Want To Read

A simple way to write articles that people want to read is to is to identify a problem that the people in your target audience have and then provide them with an answer that will help them solve the problem.

People like to read things that show them how to solve a problem. Articles that contain easy to follow steps always work well.

For example:  Three Simple Steps To Boost Your Confidence or How To Stop Your Dog Barking In Four Easy Steps or How To Get More Visitors To your Website

Bear that in mind the next time you write an article and you will have a much easier time deciding what to write about and how to write it. AND you can be sure that more people will actually read it.

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4 thoughts on “Write Articles That People Want To Read

  1. This is a great post because it seems like there has been a rise in people writing articles that are search engine friendly but not reader friendly. Writing articles that PEOPLE actually want to read will definitely benefit your article marketing business much more in the long run.

  2. Great tip Lynn.

    Another thing I do is look take a look at article submission directories. I do a keyword search and check out which articles within my niche criteria are read most often. That gives me a general direction, at least I know what people are interested in reading.

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